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enimil ashon

  • Truth is, people don’t just care about Ghana; for almost every elected or appointed Ghanaian official, the motto is: “Me, my tribe and my party.”

    Ghanaians woke up this week to news that transactions leading to our purchase of three military aircraft between 2009 and 2015 were tainted with corruption.

  • A ‘No’ vote will prevent political parties from hijacking elections at the district level.

    It has taken me weeks to understand what is expected of me in the polling booth on December 17.
    Now that I understand it, my mind is made up.

  • Sad to narrate, that is history. What I don’t remember is how long ago the change began to manifest, but I know that the call for a solution to the rise in the spate of crimes, blood-letting and corruption in our society intensified in the 1980s – correct me if you have an earlier or later date.

    Not very many years ago, you could swear by the Ghanaian.

  • That is when the thought struck me: in the last one decade or so, China seems to be topping all the league tables. Why?

    I was at a ceremony in Accra this week at which the Standard Bank Group, in the name of Ghana’s Stanbic Bank, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, launched ‘I Go Ghana: I Go China’.

  • I received my resurrection last Sunday at the PIWC ATTC Dome in Accra.

    Words can kill. Listening to predictions by some of my most trusted radio commentators in the last two weeks, Christmas 2018 died in me.

  • Now to Election 2020. Apparently, Akufo-Addo knows what stone his foot is stepping on. I don’t see a killer stone in his hand as he faces his Goliath on December 7. That Goliath is not his opponent; it is the anger, disenchantment or indifference of the masses.

    God is having a good laugh up there. He has known, since Adam, that every imagination of the thoughts of the human heart is evil all the time. He looks at the greed, every grubby detail of our ‘clever’ plot to win Election 2020, and laughs.

  • First set of questions: Does the movement still exist? Does it exist in perpetuity? Who are the members? When was the last time a meeting was called? How many members attended? When was the last election to vote in new executives or retain existing ones? Who are the current executives?

    News is that residents of Adoagyiri, Akwamu, Owuraku and Ntoaso in the Eastern Region are up in arms against a former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, accusing her of unlawfully leasing their lands to an estate agent.

  • It is important that the EC, like the Judiciary, must be independent.

    As I wrote last week, I am not against a replacement of the register; if it is not changed today, it would eventually have to be changed, anyway, after the December elections.

  • In my inexperienced mind, I used to challenge a theory put forth by an economist that one of the effects of salary increase is a change of tastes from eating gari at home to eating fried rice in restaurants; from having only one wife to having multiple wives and concubines.

  • Sadly, it is for toothpicks and such goods that our banks need dollars so urgently!

    Some things in life belong to the category which someone has described as “the unalterable law of life”. An example is ‘Devaluation”. Another is “Pumping Dollars into the Economy”. No African Minister of Finance wants it, yet every African Finance Minister succumbs to their power. They are called, “Classical Economics”.

  • In March 2014, the United States Department of Justice revealed that it had frozen more than $458 million believed to have been illegally obtained by ...

    This year, Ghana is leading the world to remember the 400th anniversary of what history describes as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

  • I can assure you that, nobody will be found guilty in the investigations, which the Ghana Health Service (GHS) is promising, into the circumstances that led to the death of the 70-year-old man after the LEKMA Hospital and six others refused to admit him due to the lack of beds.

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