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  • What arrangements have you made? If you’ve not taken any steps towards your future self, then you don’t look it. It means you are not ready for it.

    Written By Julius Mawuli Ziorklui - How would you treat a “baby” snake when you see one? Would you allow a “baby” lion to go close to your three-month-old baby? Why wouldn’t we allow such animals around us or our loved ones?

  • If our future is a corollary of our creation, then we have what it takes to create it. This means that until we take total responsibility, we can’t have the future we want.

    Written By Mawuli Ziorklui - I have heard people say, “You have to see your future before you can have it.” Now the teaching is that you have to feel it before you can have. Well, I’m not here to argue about the effectiveness of these methods. However, I concur that the future is real.

  • This experience made me sad because most of them won’t be available when their future arrives. Life can become so challenging that the only path we follow is our circumstances. When we were ...

    Written By Julius Mawuli Ziorklui - What does the future look like? Is it going to be as I have projected in mind? Considering all these uncertainties, is it even safe to have a projection in mind?

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