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  • Barring any unexpected pronouncements from the FA Disciplinary Committee, or any other quarters, GN Bank Division One, Zone One side, Dreams FC have, this afternoon, qualified to play in the nation’s elite soccer division come next season following their 3-0 home rout of Okwahu United.

  • Action in the nation’s second tier league – GN Bank Division One League – continued this past weekend in zone 1 and 2 with Week 26 though not completely in the books yielding very fruitful results for a couple of teams as the impressive Cape Coast based Elmina Sharks drew closer to the cusp of being the first team to qualify for the Premier Division next season as they extended their lead to 9points over their closest pursuers and look very likely to wrap up the division title within the next week or two with a couple of games to spare. Real Tamale United also took over the top spot in zone one for the first time this season over the game in hand leaders - Mighty Royals – to keep the pressure on the latter and also set the stage for a likely photo finish given the inability of all the top four teams to win on the road.

    In zone one, hitherto fourth placed Real Tamale United kept their hopes of qualifying to the Premier Division alive as they vaulted to the summit in zone one over the idle Mighty Royals who will likely play on Monday following their 2-0 home win over bottom Unity FC and the collapse on the road of the two teams ahead of them. They will at worse drop to the second spot should the Royals win against bottommost Bawku Utd. Bofoakwa Tano failed to take advantage of their recent luck and the momentum thrown their way by the recent FA decision against Berekum United that leapfrogged them to the second spot as they fell flat on the road, succumbing to a lone goal defeat at the hands of Wa Rockets who vacated the first relegation spot for the 12th spot with the win as they look to shore themselves from the brewing relegation brouhaha. And as expected Bolga Stars failed to break the yoke against FC Tanga on the road as they went down by 2 goals to nothing to leave their quest of making a move for the top spot this weekend unfulfilled.

    Berekum Arsenals got some of their mojo back following the recent FA Disciplinary Committee decisions against them that has so far cost them a whopping 6points with a hard fought 5-4 advantage over the visiting Mpuasuman outfit in their entertaining and thrilling 9 goal fest to narrow the gap for the top spot, and B. A. United with a game in hand ended their recent 3 game skid with a miserable lone goal win over Tamale Utrecht.

    Elsewhere on the weekend, Berlin FC stumbled at home to a lone goal loss against the once relegation threatened Guan FC who have now managed to string together 3 straight wins to improve to the 11th spot on 32points with the relegation brouhaha seemingly well behind them, and relegation candidates, Liberty Babes, failed to help their survival cause at home in spite of  their recent three straight game winning spree as they tanked to a 2-1 loss against the visiting Steadfast unit who improved to mid-table with the win.



    In zone two, imposing runaway leaders Elmina Sharks, left nothing to chance as they trounced the visiting relegation engulfed Starke FC by three goals to nothing to up their tally to 59points, extend their lead to 9points and move closer to the cusp of wrapping up qualification to the tier-one division with 4 games to the end of the season. The surge and remarkable output from Karela FC this second half of the season may have finally proved too daunting of a task as the once relegation threatened King Faisal humbled them with a 2-0 loss to leave any chance and mathematical combination of them catching up or overtaking the Sharks for the summit virtually over and nothing more than a dream as they fell behind by a colossal 9points with the loss. And Gold Stars finally made some headway, unlikely as it seems towards regaining the second spot as they drew 6points closer to it following their 2-0 home win over Wassaman Utd.

    Sekondi Eleven Wise’ hopes of ending the season on high note continue to be a struggle as they extended their non-winning run to three in as many outings following their goalless tie against the visiting Dunkwa Utd but they once again held on to the fourth spot as those behind and capable of overtaking them all lost. Asokwa Deportivo hopes of making it into the top four this past weekend were dashed on the road at the hands of the one-time bottommost club – Venomous Vipers who seem to have rediscovered their potency and form as they handed the former a 4-1 thumping for a third straight win in their last three appearances and a lift to the 11th spot 31points though they still have some work to do as far as the relegation drama is concerned.

    Elsewhere on the weekend, Achiken added to the relegation woes of Tarkwa Utd who now have the keys to the cellar with a 2-1 home win, Proud United compounded Cornerstone’s relegation headache with a lone goal win that left the latter tied on 30points for the first relegation spot with 3 other clubs and Nzema Kotoko dropped mid-tablers – Samartex FC – by a lone goal push their agenda for a top four finish alive and well.


    Zone one - DAY 26 - 20TH & 21ST AUG., 2016

    SUN       TECHIMAN                                           BERLIN  0-1 GUAN UTD 

    SUN       BEREKUM PARK                                    ARSENAL 5-4 MPUASUMAN      

    SUN       TAMALE MAIN                                      RTU 2-0 UNITY  

    SAT        WA STADIUM                                      WA ROCKET 1-0 BOFOAKWA      

    SUN       BOLGA PARK                                         FC TANGA 2-0 BOLGA ALL STARS              

    SAT        TAMALE STADIUM MAIN                       LIBERTY BABIES 1-2 STEADFAST

    SUN       SUNYANI CORONATION PARK                B. A. UNITED 1-0 TAMALE UTRECHT        

    SUN       WAMANAFO COMM. PARK                     MIGHTY ROYALS VS BAWKU UTD     


    Zone 2 - DAY 26 - 20TH & 21ST AUG., 2016


    SUN       BIBIANI                                                GOLDSTARS 2-0 WASSAMAN UTD.          

    SUN       ELMINA                                                SHARKS 3-0 STARKE       

    SUN       EJUSU                                                  KING FAISAL 2-0 KARELA             

    SAT        CAPE COAST                                       VENOMOUS VIPERS 4-1 DEPORTIVO       

    SUN       ADANSI HWEREMOASI                           ACHIKEN 2-1 TARKWA UTD         

    SAT        GYANDU                                              PROUD UTD 1-0 CORNERS           

    SUN       GYANDU                                              ELEVEN WISE 0-0 DUNKWA UTD.             

    SUN       ASANDA                                              NZEMA KOTOKO 1-0 SAMARTEX              





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    GN Bank Division One League – Zone 3 – Week 28 games came on as scheduled without any major changes in the standings as all the top three teams won as expected to leave the standings the way it was at the beginning of the match day.

    Accra Gt. Olympics rebounded remarkably well from their week 27 loss at Amidaus with a 4-0 thumping of visiting Sporting Mirren to hold on to the top spot and their one point advantage over the pursuing Heart of Lions who improved their unbeaten run to 5 games (4 wins and a tie) after defeating Mighty Jets at home by 2 goals to nothing. Not to be outdone in the winning column on the day, Newbies Okyeman Planners taught their seniors in the division – 2015/16 MTN FA Cup finalists Okwawu Utd – how to get it done as they battered the latter to a 4-0 humiliating defeat to maintain the pressure on Olympics and Lions. The chase for the single spot to the PL division remains tight with Olympics atop with a point advantage over Lions and Planners respectively.

    Fourth placed Vision FC solidified their grip on that spot with a lone goal win over visiting Istanbul to make the position theirs to lose as Okwawu Utd continue to maintain their 5 game winless stupor, and Danbort FC ended their 5 games winless run with a 3-1 win over already relegated Roberto FC who picked up their 11th defeat of the second round.

    Elsewhere on the weekend, relegation engulfed Pure Joy put up a spirited performance against Tema Youth on the road to pick up a point and improve to 3points above the first relegation spot held by Amidaus who fell by a lone goal at Kotoku Royals who built a 4points buffer against the first relegation spot on 35points and the 11th spot, and already relegated King Solomon continued their elusive search for their 5th home win of the season to give their fans something to smile about.

    DAY 28 - 17th & 18th SEPTEMBER

    SUN       KWAHU PRASO                         KING SOLOMON 0-2 NANIA

    SUN       TEMA                                      TEMA YOUTH 1-1 PURE JOY

    SAT        SOGAKOPE                              ROBERTO 1-3 DANBORT

    SAT        KWEIMAN                               VISION 1-0 ISTANBUL

    SUN       KPANDO                                  LIONS 2-0 MIGHTY JETS

    SUN       FIRE SERVICE                          OLYMPICS 4-0 SPORTING MIRREN

    SUN       ODA                                        KOTOKU ROYALS 1-0 AMIDAUS

    SUN       OLD TAFO                               PLANNERS 4-0 OKWAWU UTD.






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  • Season ending games for this year’s GN Bank sponsored Division One - Zone one – league came on as scheduled at the various league centers this past weekend with leaders - Bolga All Stars – defeating Tamale Utrecht in their must win game and topmost encounter of the weekend to secure a historic qualification to the nation’s elite soccer division. They edged closest contenders and eventual runner-ups -Mighty Royals - who entered the match day 2points behind the summit by 2points. Mighty Royals won on the day, a 2-0 home win over Steadfast FC but it was not enough to see them through.



    Ultimate matches for this season’s GN Bank sponsored Division One - Zone 2 - league came on as scheduled last weekend with the last minute rush to avoid relegation and Eleven Wise’s bid for the fourth spot being the main things at stake on the afternoon with Elmina Sharks having won the division and Karela FC and Bibiani Gold Stars having guaranteed themselves the second and third spots respectively.

    The Division One - Zone 2 - log looks a bit unclear on the bottom with a couple of items seemingly needing to be cleared; mainly the outcome of the match between relegated Tarkwa Utd and Dunkwa Utd who were supposed to play each other on the last match day, and with the latter having accrued 13 wins and 4 ties, but languishing in the drop zone perhaps over disciplinary reasons which will eventually be resolved by the FA.

    Nonetheless, Sekondi Eleven Wise secured a desirable fourth spot finish with a lone goal win over Karela FC to lead a three way charge and points tie for the hyped spot on 45points over FC Samartex who ended the season on a high note with a 2-0 victory over Asokwa Deportivo that propelled them to a fifth spot finish as they look forward to a better next season under the charge of new Serbian boss Miroslav Bogdanovich, and Nzema Kotoko who won by two goals to one over the now relegated Cornerstones to improve to a sixth spot finish.

    Achiken defeated Wassaman Utd who finished seventh by four goals to two for the 9th spot, Venomous Vipers edged Gold Stars by a lone goal at home to escape looming relegation and improve to the 12th spot on 37points, and Division One, Zone 3 winners – Elmina Sharks ended their season with a 1-1 tie against King Faisal who ended the season on 39points and the 11th spot after mounting a hurried run to beat the drop following a lengthy stay in the relegation places.

    The result of the match between Proud Utd and Starke FC was not posted at the time of this write-up, but Proud Utd secured 39points from 30 matches for the 10th spot and thus look to have survived the relegation scare unlike Starke FC who claimed the 13th spot and 36points.

     Results for the last match day game between Dunkwa Utd and Tarkwa Utd was also not available with both teams having 29 matches to their credit according to the log, but Tarkwa Utd with their final season tally of 21points had already punched their exit ticket for Division Two soccer. The fate of Dunkwa Utd who at this time have 34points from 13 wins and 4 ties will be known once the FA resolves and updates the log.

    Thus, barring any last minute major changes to the most recent update of the Zone 3 log as provided by the GFA on its website - a copy of which is posted above - at this time, it is fairly clear that the once proud Kumasi Cornerstones franchise whose players donned the vaunted and vivid Black & White stripes and stood tall alongside Asante Kotoko have together with Tarkwa Utd been relegated. The fate of Dunkwa Utd and Starke FC remains unclear and we will provide updates after the expected resolution.


    DAY 30 - 17TH & 18TH SEPT., 2016

    SUN       EJUSU                                                   KING FAISAL 1-1 SHARKS             

    SUN       CAPE COAST                                          VENOMOUS VIPERS 1-0 GOLDSTARS       

    SUN       ADANSI HWEREMOASI                            ACHIKEN 4-2 WASSAMAN UTD.

    SUN       ESIPONG                                               PROUD UTD. VS STARKE              

    SUN       GYANDU                                                ELEVEN WISE 1-0 KARELA            

    SUN       SAMRABOI                                             SAMARTEX 2-0 DEPORTIVO        

    SUN       DUNKWA                                               DUNKWA UTD VS TARKWA UTD               

    SUN       ASANDA                                                 NZEMA KOTOKO 2-1 CORNERS 




     Log table and game day results courtesy of ghanafa.org



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