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  • The notion that a legislator is undeserving of police protection but suddenly becomes deserving of same when he is appointed a deputy minister is one I find difficult to swallow. I mean, ...

    The recent murder of the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Mfansteman Constituency, Ekow Quansah Hayford, has led to predictable demands by the parliamentary leadership that MPs should be given personal police protection paid for by the state.

  • To save money and not be caught in the trap of successively increasing parliamentary seats, we should ...

    Written By J. Atsu Amegashie - Subsections 1, 3 and, 7 of article 47 of the Constitution of Ghana provide that:
    (1) Ghana shall be divided into as many constituencies for the purpose of election of members of Parliament as the Electoral Commission may prescribe, and each constituency shall be represented by one Member of Parliament.

  • A five-member in-house committee has been set up by Parliament to investigate the bribery allegation by Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga.

  • Many feel their MPs do not represent their interests and are in the house for their own needs. Of course, ...

    The last week or so has been quite a stormy one for the legislative arm of government, with news that the Parliamentary leadership is gearing itself up for the construction of a new, $200m, 450-seater parliamentary chamber.

  • Life as an MP in Ghana is traditionally a short-lived stint, partly because of a tradition of mocking longstanding MPs as "Mugabe", writes journalist Elizabeth Ohene, herself a former MP, in our series of letters from African journalists.

  • An epoch public hearing of bribery allegations involving some members of the  Appointments Committee of Parliament (ACP) and a minister of state is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

  • He expressed worry about how people of African descent were profiled and discriminated against all over the world over the years, saying “this must not be entertained”.

    Members of Parliament have condemned the murder of Mr George Floyd, the unarmed African-American, who was killed by the Minneapolis police on May 25 this year, and called for justice and an end to racism.

  • The controversial project has seen a number of Ghanaians raising objection in the face of what ...

    Parliament has pulled the brakes on its planned construction of a new parliamentary complex to house a chamber large enough to accommodate parliamentarians and others who appear before the house to conduct official business.

  • Parliament drops new chamber project for now

  • The exercise forms part of measures to stop the spread of the infection among legislators and staff of the legislative body.

    Parliament is to sanction Members of Parliament (MPs) and staff of Parliament who refuse to undertake the ongoing mandatory coronavirus disease (Covid-19 ) test.

  • Let's put that into practice and let the Parliamentarians for one day, just a day, conduct a session under trees in any one of the constituencies in the country.

    Written By Caroline Boateng - In all the discussions about having a new parliamentary chamber for about 450 members at the cost of $200 million, what has been evident is that, arguments for this most inconsiderate idea do not convince citizens.

  • The Presidency has rejected a petition by a group calling for the removal of the Speaker of Parliament over an alleged case of misconduct.

  • The roofing sheets of the Parliament House were ripped off Tuesday night by a rainstorm that hit parts of Accra.

  • I know that there is a key question, running through the minds of my varied readers now. ‘What are private member bills?” and ‘Of what benefit will they serve the legislature and the ordinary Ghanaians?’

    Ghana’s fourth Republican Parliament has since its inception in 1993, almost considered solely the Business of the ruling parties (government). This has actually made it impossible for experienced and highly intelligent parliamentarians to bring to bear, their full ingenuity into the process of decision making via law-making or even challenging and pinning down technically incorrect or selfish bills by the ruling governments. This situation has arguably made parliament a ‘poodle’ of the ruling government.

  • A statement announcing the decision and signed by the Speaker himself, says the recall is in keeping with Order 6 of the Standing Orders of Parliament.

    The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Oquaye has recalled the house to regroup Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 10am to resume the First Meeting of the Fourth Session.

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