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ghana national cathedral

    • The Bible admonishes that one must first do what is most important before engaging in other things. In this case, bread and butter issues; access to potable water; basic health care, etc, are the needs of the ordinary Ghanaian.

    Written by Koku Mawuli Nenegbe - I ponder over some developments in our country. I am worried about the intended national cathedral. This is a project that most clergy seem not to have a problem with.

    • “Once you get into the wealth and prosperity sphere, you necessarily slip into the tax and accounting language.”

    President Akufo-Addo has reiterated the need for churches which step out of the charity sphere, education and healthcare to be taxed.

    • The cathedral will serve simultaneously as a religious and a cultural institution, a new national landmark and a community hub for gathering and learning. Although Ghana is officially a secular country, about 71% of its population identifies as Christian.

     Conceived as a physical embodiment of unity, harmony and spirituality, the National Cathedral of Ghana will be the nation’s ceremonial landmark where all faiths will be welcomed to gather, worship, and celebrate in spiritual accord.

    • Consequently, he said the president directed that a partnership be struck between the state and the Ghanaian Christian community, both at home and in the Diaspora.

    The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, has announced that the government will launch a global fundraising campaign to raise funds from the diaspora to construct a 5,000-seater National Cathedral.
    The Ghana launch is slated for December 28 this year with another launch also scheduled for February 2019 in the United States of America.

    • Instead, the construction of the cathedral will promote national cohesion. The court did not explain how this is to be achieved.

    Written By Dr. Abdul Baasit Aziz Bamba - On January 23, 2019, the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision dismissed a case filed by James Kwabena Bomfeh Jr challenging the constitutionality of the government’s involvement in the cathedral project and the operations of Hajj.

  • Written By Rev. Aidan Kwame Ahaligah, Ph.D. -  Since China reported its first cases of the unexplained low respiratory infections in Wuhan, on December 31, 2019, 197 countries and territories as of the time of writing have recorded more than three million infections of what the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses calls SARS-Cov-2. The disease that SARS-Cov-2 causes is what has been termed COVID-19.

    • My problem with this project is that Ghanaians are already saddled with extreme religious beliefs, culminating in extreme laziness. That leaves them worshipping and praying, instead of engaging in hard work for prosperity.

    Written By Dr Albert O. A. Tsolu - Never will I be in contradiction to the building of religious houses and in particular, a national cathedral proposed by the present administration, as a staunch Christian and Presbyterian born and trained for that matter.

    • According to him, although they are all referred to as traditionalists, it would be difficult to have all of them under one roof.

    The President of the GaDangme Council of Wulomɛi (Chief Priests), Numo Blafo III, says the construction of a national shrine is not feasible since traditional worshippers have different forms of worship.

    • In his lamentations, he wonders whether their part of the town is not part of the country, given the young men and pregnant woman’s torturous journey to a delivery ward.

     A disturbing video clip of transportation arrangements being made for a pregnant woman going into labor, somewhere in Ghana, currently making the rounds on the various popular social media sites, Facebook included, has left many Ghanaians perplexed and sad.

    • Scores of other structures within that enclave including the Judicial Training School are also expected to be pulled down to make way for the 5,000 seater cathedral which will also include a Bible Museum and a Documentation Centre.

    Nine justices of the Court of Appeal are to be relocated from their present residential accommodations at Ridge to make way for the construction of the National Cathedral.

    • Religion is the pre-occupation of the day-to-day lives of Ghanaians and this gives a high degree of symbolical power to the clergy.

    The recognition of this social paradox is universally important, i.e., religion and politics are separate entities. Religion is led by faith, not by logic. However, the underlying principle that gives rise to the network of the two entities is law which governs the conducts of people.

    • He urged Ghanaians to make the cathedral a place of inspiration and a setting where great ideas and values which shape society are discussed rather than a place of contention.

    Preparatory work for the construction of the National Cathedral has started in earnest.

    • “Rather, and again like Solomon on that occasion, the building of the National Cathedral is to serve as a gesture of thanksgiving to God for his blessings, favour, grace and mercies on our nation, and to give me an opportunity to redeem a pledge I made to Him before I became President,” he said.

    President Akufo-Addo has made a personal contribution of GH¢100,000 towards the construction of the National Cathedral.

    • Meanwhile, a fundraising programme for the construction of the cathedral will cost participants a minimum of $1,000.

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams who has been spearheading a fundraising campaign for the construction of the National Cathedral has indicated that two of the former presidents Jerry Rawlings and John Mahama have concerns with the decision on the cathedral.

    • At the meeting on Monday December 24, the former President said while he had his personal opinion on the cathedral, the position of the Catholic Church of which is a member will be one he will respect.

    Former President Jerry John Rawlings has in a meeting with Trustees of the National Cathedral, indicated that he will defer his position on the construction of the national edifice to his mother church, the Catholic Church.

    • The public must be furnished with all the processes involved in commissioning him to design the National Cathedral and the new Parliament Chamber.

    Written By Kwaku L. Keddey - The recent “DropthatChamber” campaign in reaction to the proposed 450-seater parliamentary chamber project in Ghana has brought to the fore, pertinent issues centered on procurement irregularities in the design and construction sector.

    • I support the building of the National Cathedral and especially so, since as I have heard the State is playing only a facilitating role, as a partner ...

    Dear Jason, Amos, and all,

    I have taken up the stylus again and again to write to you but many paragraphs have gone into the recycle bin, thankfully I have one now and I hope you'd find it worth your read.

    • The National Cathedral of Ghana is an elaborate five thousand-seater auditorium which was borne out of a pledge, Nana Akufo-Addo claimed to have made to God before winning the 2016 presidential elections. The earlier over $100 million stated cost of the cathedral is now estimated to be around, $200 million ...

    Written By Rev. Green Kwame Lawrence - A national cathedral is generally a religious edifice which is usually situated in a city where bishops [p]reside and where they celebrate liturgies on festive occasions sometimes in an omni-doctrinal and multi-jurisdictional manner, as explained by John Meyendorff in Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity.

    • Let me speculate reasonably about this unreasonable cathedral project and the unreasonable commitment of the Akuffo Addo government in pursuit of its execution.

    Ghana is constitutionally not a religious nation. However, socially it is. Christianity dominates, followed by Islam, courtesy of colonialism.

    • Let us mix our faith with appropriate proportion of common sense; otherwise, unfounded religious extremism will reduce our blessed nation into a "shithole" if that has already not happened.

    Written By Rev. Solomon Nartery - Since the promotion of my latest book, "Faith and Common Sense for Effective Living", is taking place around the same time that the construction of a national cathedral has become a hotly debated issue, many who have followed me on social media have sought to know what my "Faith and Common Sense" position is.

    • When you go to Cape Coast, it's even worse. All the religious structures at the time were built close to the Castle, the seat of corruption, human killing and selling - Methodist, Anglican, just opposite the castle of murder. The Catholic Cathedral is a bit far away.

    To understand the mentality of the LATTER DAY SAINTS, who seek to build temples and mosques, for whomever they so desire, you must go back to the time of the slave trade and oppression. You must remember your history.

    • The evicted judges, it is said, had been given a US$168,000 (GHC800,000.00) for temporary accommodation.

    On November 18, 2018, MyNewsGh.com reported that the government had begun demolishing bungalows housing Court of Appeal Judges to make way for the construction of a National Cathedral.

    • The arguments for and against a National Cathedral in Ghana have been over-exploited and exhausted. However, this is really the time that in my opinion, we urgently need our Accra National Cathedral as a place of worship, hopefully with different chapels, musical-concert halls, elevators, a venue for state funerals, other national events, meetings, conferences and religious exhibitions.

    It was a Saturday morning and I had the privilege of living in the apartment of my childhood classmate from Sunyani Experimental School.

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