Sun, May


  • The promoted teachers represent 61.0 per cent of the 30,280 who were shortlisted for the test.

    The Ghana Education Service (GES) has promoted 18,475 teachers who sat for the maiden Promotion Aptitude Test on February 20 and 21, this year to various grades within the service.

  • It was required then, that every single encounter that involved payments, even for a cup of tea for public officials - defined to include traditional authorities and anyone receiving funds from the public purse - was declared, monthly. With receipts. Further, a limit then of 100 pounds sterling value of gifting was set for a defined period.

    Ghana's Parliament resumed work yesterday - as this column was going to bed - for the second Session of the Seventh Parliament of the 4th Republic. The House recessed on December 22nd, 2017, their break interrupted by a constitutionally mandated 'emergency' recall when the Speaker summoned the House back following a petition by the Minority, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over their allegations known now and forever more as 'Cash for Seats.'

  • The best these unions could do was to write a letter to the GES to reject government’s intention to reopen the schools. This response, in my opinion, was an impulsive action that was not well thought out.

    What is generally known about covid-19 is that it kills by attacking our respiratory system and other organs of the body. But what has escaped us is that it can also kill through starvation or the thought of its effects on our businesses.

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