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John Magufuli

  • The health minister insisted Tanzania is safe. During a presentation in which she and others didn’t wear face masks, she encouraged the public to improve hygiene practices including the use of sanitizers but also steam inhalation — which has been dismissed by health experts elsewhere as a way to kill the coronavirus.

    Tanzania’s health ministry says it has no plans in place to accept COVID-19 vaccines, just days after the president of the country of 60 million people expressed doubt about the vaccines without offering evidence.

  • As President, Dr Magufuli brought his political and life philosophy to the fore. He was committed to checking political corruption in public office and reducing public spending and wasteful expenditure.

    Written By Hadiza Nuhu Billa - John Joseph Pombe Magufuli was born on October 20, 1959 at Chato, Geita, in Tanganyika, the mainland component of Tanzania.

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