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kobina ansah

  • When people you are emotionally attached to are emotionally attached to someone else, they give you hints. They leave trails that lead to this person in their past. Amazingly,...

    It is a hell on earth dating someone who is still stuck in their past. No matter how much you help them get over whichever mess their ex created, they will still go back to them when they come back to apologize. Regardless of how good you are to them, they still assume it could have been better with their ex. When a man or woman has still not gotten over another, they presume no one, apart from the said person, is ever good enough.

  • Keeping your relationship (which you’re expecting to lead to the altar) in the closet saves you from a lot of hell. When the unexpected happens, you’re able to manage better.

    Yes! You have found love. You’re so excited about it. You can’t wait to flaunt them to your friends. You can’t wait to let your ex know that you weren’t a piece of good-for-nothing being after all. You want the whole world to know you’ve swept someone off their feet

  • In church, we are only interested in people’s fat offertories without asking about their source. In politics, we don’t give a damn about how campaigns are funded.

    For some weeks now, customers of Ghana’s self-acclaimed gold hub, Menzgold, have been wailing. It doesn’t look like their locked-up investments with the gold-trading company will be paid any time soon.

  • Instead of pushing to get closer, build the level of trust they have in you. When they can afford to trust you, they can afford to let you in!

    Moses passed on his baton to Joshua just as Elijah passed his on to Elisha. Mentorship passes on a baton from one generation to another. When people are mentored, their journey to the top is made easier because they are likely to skip all the errors of their mentors. They are likely not to repeat the mistakes of those who held their hands because such mentors forewarn them about where some choices may likely end them.

  • Unfortunately, nothing changes in a new year except the calendar. A day is still made up of 24 hours. 7 days still make ...

     Every New Year comes with its own excitement. While many of us are expectant of our dreams coming to pass, many more are so certain things will be better just because it is a new year.

  • Just as he may expect his woman to stay faithful to him and him alone, he must make a conscious effort to stay clear off other women when he walks down the aisle with one.

    Men ought to love women and women, men. It is just natural for a man to have a thing for another woman. Indeed, God made man for a woman just as like a jigsaw, He made the woman to fit into the life of a man.

  • A few minutes past midnight.
    On my PC is a new script of a play.
    On my table are scraps of strategies; sales and marketing.

  • “Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do for them; for this is the law and the prophets.”― Matthew 7:12 [World English Bible]
    Back in high school, we had one notorious senior who was the pain in the butt of every first year student. This bully would come to school without a chop box yet only few weeks into the term, would have one full of all the goodies in his dormitory.

  • Our mindset has so much influence on what we do. How we were brought up to perceive abroad has had so much influence on our adult lives. Little wonder many don’t mind selling their kidneys to get there.

    I have heard stories of Ghanaians who have sold all their property only to give the proceeds to a ‘connection man’ to secure them a visa abroad. I have read heart-wrenching tales of what stowaways subject themselves to all in a bid to travel abroad. Indeed, if there is anyone who has told the god of death “Not today” severally, it should be the one who has gone through the Mediterranean Sea and deserts to travel to Europe. When a man’s mind is made up to travel abroad, not even the smell of death scares him!

  • Society, oftentimes, has subtle ways of reminding you that you aren’t growing any younger. In as much as it’s awesome to marry early, it is more important to consider walking down the aisle when you are ready.

  • It might be early but you just may not be ready! Life favors us all differently. One is favored to have an early marriage. Another is favored to have probably an early business.

    Society, oftentimes, has subtle ways of reminding you that you aren’t growing any younger. Inasmuch as it’s awesome to marry early, it is more important to consider walking down the aisle when you are ready.

  • Ahead of their stage plays next year, Scribe is giving an opportunity to new talents to audition.

    Producers of the stage plays: “This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1 and 2, I Want To Sue God, My Wife in law, Tribeless, and The Boy Called A Girl” are auditioning this Sunday and you have to give it a shot!!!

  • Environment changes perspectives. Until people change their environment, they will never know they have been limiting themselves.

    As kids, we used to fantasize about big dreams. Mine was to go to the university one day. As time passed, I got to realize it was no big dream after all. Everyone attended university. Instead, I was the one perceiving such as a big dream because of where I found myself— my environment. There were only a few graduates… and those few were literally adored.

  • If your simple wedding means feting an entire generation, so be it. If your... The million dollar question is, “How much would you have left after the one day event!?”

    Some things in life are relative. In fact, every description is relative. It depends on the perspective of the one doing the judging. Your beautiful car may not necessarily be beautiful to another. When you say you have given your best shot at something, to another person, it may be their worst.  The richest man in one village may be the poorest elsewhere.

  • I prefer to build my society with it. I prefer to build Ghana with my voodoo! I know you’ve yours, too. In my juju is my strength. Call me the juju man because in it is my divine calling.

    I have juju. Yes I do. I confess. It’s a hard thing to say but I can’t help it. I just have to spill beans. I’ve to let the cat (maybe this black one for that matter) out of the bag. It’s been a hard decision to take. All the same, I don’t regret telling you the truth today.

  • Oftentimes when we are struck by ill events we least expected, we take ages to recover. Sometimes, it takes forever to get over a failed attempt at our business. It sometimes takes a pretty long time for us to come to terms with the fact that that relationship or marriage is no more.

  • Life always looks better when we view it backwards. Trust me, if we could see tomorrow from today, there are many things in our lives now we won’t stress ourselves over. With the benefit of hindsight, we look at the past and one thing we can’t stop asking is, “So why was I really holding on to this person!?” Hindsight makes us view life in a whole different perspective. And… that’s really how life is supposed to be!

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