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kofi baah bentum

  • In a pensive mood, unaware that my better half had entered the room, and as if possessed, I shouted: ‘I want to be corrupt.’ Surprised, she asked why, and with tears in my eyes, I replied: ‘Because that is what my country wants her citizens to be.’

    Last week was 50 years since I touched base as a citizen of this land. Sometimes I wonder how I did not land in any of the first - world countries such as Canada, Finland or the United States of America (USA).

  • Without any shred of doubt, mother Ghana has already chosen those she loves. They are the chosen few who belong to the elite class. They are mostly ....

    At a recent forum, the above question was posed by the facilitator and I found it rather preposterous. Who in their right sense will not love their mother? After all, mother and child relations are hinged on mutual loyalty and love. Mothers provide us with nourishment and sustenance.

  • And so it came to pass that they went and came back, breaking the heart of a nation. Thirty-five years is surely a long enough wait and, coupled with our fervent prayers to God, nothing short of the continental trophy had been expected. But the fact that we have waited for too long is not enough justification to claim the Cup; adopting the right approach is what would have won it for us.

  • A current example is the procurement of trotro ambulances for Ama Ghana, a drain to the tax payer.

    Ghanaians are noted for being free spirited and easy going. We have a cunning way of using humour to defuse tensed situations.

  • I read your piece titled, Where did we go wrong? Your question is very sad: WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?

    I am not too sure whether Major Kofi Baah Bentum (retired) was my junior in the Army, but even so, since he retired as a major, let me, Captain, salute him – sir!!! All correct!!!

  • The Ghanaian narrative must change from corruption, insecurity, filth, galamsey, disorder, etc. We definitely deserve a better story.

    We have been brought up to believe that being Ghanaian is the best thing that could happen to anybody.

  • To lump all contemporary musicians as a bunch of profane singers is, therefore, simplistic. In fact, we have both in good measure.

    There is an ongoing debate about the content of contemporary Ghanaian music and the verdict is that musicians of today lack talent and produce anything but good, decent music.

  • Of course, this is not surprising, as everything sells here apart from what we make ourselves.

    Duty took me out of my normal weekend environment as I was stuck in a management retreat somewhere.

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