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love and relationships

  • Are you about to walk down the aisle? Don’t do so for these reasons. Wrong intentions become wrong foundations.

    When you come from Africa, you need not to be told how important weddings are here. Your parents can get so involved as though they are the ones walking down the aisle. As if that’s not enough, you can actually lose friends you don’t invite… forever. Yes, you heard me right. Forever!

  • Many Ghanaian young men find it hard to make ends meet. It is also a fact that today there are thousands of unemployed Ghanaians who refuse to start anything on their own but ...

    Written By John Boakey - A recent study shown on Google indicates a rising search for ‘sugar mummies’ in Ghana. According to the study, Ghana ranks third in the rising search for sugar mummies in Africa, behind Nigeria and Kenya.

  • The brother "went on to say that we are making a mistake by going to Afghanistan for jihad. 'Actual Jihad is here in our house. The first jihad is here against this infidel.' He was talking about me as I was bleeding from my wounds," Baqi added.

    A man has been blinded by his own father and siblings for allegedly wanting to marry a girl he fell in love with in southwestern Pakistan.

  • Well sometimes, it sadly doesn't all go well, and the results can be devastating - emotionally, mentally, physically - it can be terribly HARSH.

    Anytime I think about relationships I think of it as a BEE. Yes, you heard me - a BEE. Just as it is a source of sweet honey, it can equally be a source of pain too via a sting.

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