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marricke kofi gane

    • "Whatever the justification any Public or Bui Power Authority Official will give for this, it must be condemned in every way possible.

    Independent Presidential Aspirant, Marricke Kofi Gane, (popularly referred to as "Kofi Ghana") over the weekend blasted the Bui Power Authority for its alleged inhumane actions against hundreds of residents in the Bongase Community of the Bono region.

    • We like taking the easy way out. Leave the heritage Fund alone, clean up the inefficiency in the system, recover funds, set up centres of Scientific and Entrepreneural Excellence to absorb those already wasting in the system,...

    The Heritage fund is in a layman’s term a fund set aside for the future generations and the youth of today. Reason? Because by the time they would have grown into maturity, we the adults today would have used up a lot of the Oil reserves and so, we put some funds aside as their share.

    • By now, we should be commissioning teams across industry and academia to develop technologies that should be automating public data-collection for decision making, for dispensing some public services more efficiently,...

    When I cry my head about how technology can help us bridge the gap we have created between where we are and where the rest of the world is, people keep asking "what are you whining about?"

  • I feel very sad for Ghana politics. Very sad for the manner in which we have reduced everything, to the "petty NEED to be heard"

    • In Ghana however, the RGD has opted to be the only administrative point of engagement. Well….

    In the last quarter of 2017, the Registrar Generals Department (RGD) through a local IT firm launched its Digital Portal. I think it’s a Laudable idea for ONE fundamental reason – if citizens and foreign investors can’t register a business quickly, there is no way we can do any business and grow the economy quickly. Business grows economies – that’s how desperately fundamental the mechanism for company registration is.

    • I am a Ghanaian. In August 2017, I registered a consulting company, then followed through by relocating to Ghana in September 2017.

    Ghana exists in a global World, the world does not exist in Ghana. It means even though Ghana can POSITIVELY influence components of the world’s way of doing things, it must largely also accept to follow certain ways the world generally does business.

    • “And let me make this categorically succinct. I do not stand for any behavior warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or… Mentoring is not fatherhood waii.”

    Two independent organizations: The Diabetic Sufferers Association of Ghana (DSAG), and the Caramel Producers Association of Ghana (CPAG), say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, at the Accra High Court.

    • I am not sure there is a very new me from when we last spoke. I think it’s more the case that the Author side of me has been asked to proceed on leave, hahaha, and my more vocal and politically inclined self, awakened. Both have always been there.

    Marricke Kofi Gane (MKG) is a chartered accountant by profession, a corporate coach, and an International Development expert, with experience managing several aid funds for European governments in over 30 countries.

    • Situations of this nature, he claimed, can easily catapult him into the realm of wordsmithing, where he can metaphorically and hyperbolically find Elixir, Comfort, and Caramel in the innocuous and vacuous concoction of high sounding bombastic words stringed and waxed together in perfect union.

    A Fourth Circuit of the Accra High Court, presided over by Her Honor, Justica Evangelina Naa Ganyobi Shooyo Kwatiorkor Quartey, aka ‘mother to all’, has dismissed a lawsuit brought before her by Messrs. Aloysius Kwamina Broniba Engman, and Ulysses Efo Koku Yevuviga with DSAG and CPAG respectively, against one Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane.

  • When our fathers graduated from school, the degrees and masters or doctorates they got, was pretty much enough for them to go through the rest of life with.

    • “our country Ghana, needs total cleansing and a political, economic, mental and religious REBOOT”. If it doesn’t happen, we will continue in this sorry circus of musical chairs. It’s the blunt truth that begs the question – if your vote could be the key to that reboot – would you use it?"

    Ghanaian author and international development expert, Marricke K. Gane, this past Sunday, gave away copies of his latest book – ‘7 Dwarves & A Bridge.

  • Popular number-cruncher cum one-man self-appointed political watchdog or perhaps watchcat, by virtue of his Voltarian roots, Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, has unleashed his ire on an apparent political foot soldier, who took to his inbox with threats, the full specifics of which he has for now chosen to keep in the private of his Facebook compound yard.

    • My Pastor, calls them "Unexpected Expectations" Be clear what your expectations are of your wife/woman. Don’t be quiet or "man about it" and expect it to be satisfied.

     (1) When you come home and she's made an effort to cook; my dear monsieur, even if that's not what you have an appetite for, eat it quickly, ask for more and offer your gratitude. Teach it to your children too. It’s the first point of helping them to appreciate mothers and women. Abeg, don’t complain about the plenty pepper, or salt or whaleva. If you must, do it days later when you are all laughing at something, then drop it – “Abena, hmm I hear last Tuesday the salt sellers were many at the market” – she gets it. Move on.

    • It is arguable - but that whole situation could have been turned around if some people there understood conflict sensitivity. There and then if the key person knew how. They didn't.

    Emotions were charged. I understand. I was attending a Roundtable discussion on "Ghana In Search of Prosperity" (thanks for the invite Charles).

    • It is a common saying that “every woman/man likes a BIT of a bad boy/girl.” Whether that holds true, I don’t know but it comes down to one thing – SEX can produce miracles if it is EXCITING.

     I am going to lay it all out today!! Sex or the lack of it can be a big thing in a relationship/marriage - yet in most cases when one talks to couples seriously working to get married, one finds it is the LEAST talked about. For most Christians who allow this to happen, I think we have got the whole HOLINESS thing really twisted in our minds – largely from the impact that our cultural settings have imposed upon us. You owe yourself to be true to yourself. Marriage was not instituted to take prisoners – it was created to LIBERATE us.

    • Our policies for Economic growth have focused on “Bringing In Foreign Investment” instead of developing local capital and incentivising their aggressive growth and permanency of residence in Ghana.

    Progress, I have always believed is intentional. It is, in my view asking where one is, where does one need to be, why isn't one already there and many more - THEN applying the greatest transformational machinery, the brain to answer the question - HOW do I get there? In my view albeit not exhaustive, these 7 need to change, for us to........

    • Suffice to say with all these categories of checks, balances and people who were supposed to ensure a duty of care towards us, one thing runs through all - GREED!

    I have seen the eruption, I have heard the anger, I have viewed the various insightful angles that the banking crises has been looked at and without doubt it's a big issue.

    • The “There are NO Beds available” is a symptom. Critical thinking will crystallize the root problems. Creative thinking and a Political will to DO – that’s what will solve the problem. Not the symptoms.

    I am not a Health professional. But in the wake of the “Hospital bed Saga” – we need to pool our minds together. Having interacted with my colleague health professionals and others, I wish to say these.

    • Some have argued that the distance from certain parts of Volta region to the capital Ho makes the process of administration burdensome for some areas of Volta than others. What do the numbers say?

    A lot has been raging recently about ongoing processes to split the Volta region into Oti region and Volta region. The arguments in some circles has been – “the people themselves asked for a split” But I have rebuffed that by saying “how about the remaining people in the Volta saying No?” Several reasons have been given – I too am trying to understand them more critically. Come along on the journey…..

    • Well sometimes, it sadly doesn't all go well, and the results can be devastating - emotionally, mentally, physically - it can be terribly HARSH.

    Anytime I think about relationships I think of it as a BEE. Yes, you heard me - a BEE. Just as it is a source of sweet honey, it can equally be a source of pain too via a sting.

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