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  • Mr. President, I wish to assure you that the propaganda about witch-hunting will not daunt me from prosecuting all corruption crimes without reference to political considerations, as you had yourself admonished, once a suspected offender is established by investigations to have committed offences prosecutable in the national interest. I will treat crime as crime and nothing else.

    Your Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana

    Your Excellency the Vice President

    The Honourable Chief of Staff

    Honourable Attorney General and other Ministers of State

    Presidential Staffers

    Members of the Press

    Ladies and Gentlemen

  • After almost one-and-a-half years since Mr Martin Amidu was sworn into office, he is yet to haul any alleged corrupt official to court for prosecution.

    The Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu, will start prosecuting corrupt public officers in both past and present administrations when he is ready, President Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians.

  • Mr Amidu in a statement accused Mr Ayariga of sending some personal friends, former colleagues, chiefs, pastors among others, to beg him [Amidu] to stop the investigations against him [Ayariga].

    The Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga says he will challenge a court order directing Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) to provide his call records to the Special Prosecutor (SP), Martin Amidu.

  • For those who have either not followed the case or read the judgment as issued by the Supreme Court, the issue before the Court was whether a 66-year old person can be offered an appointment in the Public Services of Ghana?

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 held that Mr Martin A.B.K. Amidu is eligible to be the Special Prosecutor because his office cannot be equated to the public service which is caught by the retirement age of 60 as prescribed under Articles 190, 195 and 199 of the 1992 Constitution.

  • If you are a ‘man’, tell J.J. Rawlings that he was never your boss. Please let me know the day and time so I will perch on the wall like a fly. I chuckle as I ponder whose defence I would come to. That’s a difficult one! Since I can’t make up my mind, maybe I will just ‘boot’ both sets of balls and run quickly before both turn on me, happily forgetting that they are the two wrestlers and I am simply a humble spectator… oops ‘citizen’.

    Written By Dr. Valerie Sawyerr - Vilified even in death, Professor Mills stands taller than the vilifier! Lied about even in death, Professor Mills stands higher than the liar!! Indeed, he who God has blessed, no man can curse!!!

  • The Office of the Special Prosecutor cannot fight corruption ...

    The biggest challenge facing the Office of the Special Prosecutor as an anti-corruption investigatory and prosecutorial body in spite of all the powers conferred upon it is not the President who promised the people of Ghana to establish the Office but the heads of institutions who simply refuse to comply with laws designed to ensure good governance and to protect the national purse by fighting corruption.

  • The Supreme Court has struck out Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Amidu, as a defendant in a suit challenging his eligibility as Special Prosecutor due to his age.

  • The Supreme Court has struck out former Attorney General Martin Amidu as a defendant in a suit seeking to challenge the constitutionality of an order for the oral examination of businessman Alfred Woyome.

  • If we are no longer outraged by such open acts of dishonesty and corruption and take actions which signal our disgust, then maybe we all have become immune to sin and its effects.

    Greed is the purest emotion — Junk bond trader Ivan Boesky

  • He further added that Mr. Amidu's refusal to show remorse, and his claim of attacking people based on perception, and his confession of not going into the office of the Special Prosecutor with that attitude, does not make him feel assured. That notwithstanding, he wished Mr. Amidu well.

    The Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Hon. Alhassan Suhuyini, has revealed that he is the only Member of Parliament who voted against the approval of Mr. Martin Amidu for the office of the Special Prosecutor.

  • Mr Amidu in a letter to Mr Forson dated August 1, 2019, demands an unqualified apology and retraction of the said comments which he described as defamatory.

    The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has given the Minority Spokesperson on Finance, Cassiel Ato Forson a seven-day ultimatum to apologise and retract some comments he allegedly made in relation to a judgement debt payment.

  • He also made it known that Mr. Amidu on the day of his vetting, got angry unnecessarily. He attributed it to Mr. Amidu breaking ranks with some of his party members, and having to meet some of them who opposed his nomination.

    Legal practitioner, and host of Joy FM's political talkshow, Newsfile, Samson Lardy Anyenini, has stated that the nominee for the position of Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu, knows his stuff when it comes to the law.

  • As the days to the public hearing of my nomination approval by the Appointments Committee of Parliament on 13th February 2018 as the Special Public Prosecutor approaches, I have been inundated with endless calls from chiefs, friends and well-wishers from all over the country wishing to attend my nomination approval hearing.

    Former Attorney General, Mr Martin Amidu has urged Ghanaians to remain calm as they await the outcome of his vetting at Parliament’s Appointment Committee on Tuesday.
    A statement issued Sunday and signed by Mr Amidu expressed appreciation to the numerous people who would have wanted to be at the vetting but for the limited number of persons who he can he invite.

  • Unless we examine the context... settle any personal interest, the fight against corruption would be another story of “Alice in the wonderland”.

    The materialization of anti-corruption begins with the activities of man within the concept of laws that govern the society. Laws and statutes express the will of the people to growth and development hindered by corruption.

  • “This is to demonstrate that my acceptance of the position of SP is not because of status but it is because of high ideals which I attach to making sure that the ordinary people of this country can have the benefit of the resources of this country by stopping the leakages and slippages that has gone on since the coming to force of the 1992 constitution”.

    The Special Prosecutor (SP) nominee, Mr Martin ABK Amidu has said that he accepted the offer to be Special Prosecutor by President Akufo-Addo because of the opportunity to defend and protect the national constitution and safeguard the interests of the ordinary Ghanaian.

  • In a groundbreaking announcement set to shock many political watchers, the President extolled Martin Amidu, a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress’s virtues, saying he has no doubt his nominee is very qualified and able to do the job, pending the approval of Parliament.

  • I am writing to add my voice to three written and published appeals by three well-meaning citizens to His Excellency the President, Nana Akufo Addo to think long before appending his signature to the Major Mahama Trust Bill which Parliament passed on 8th November 2017. (See “Major Mahama Bill; good idea gone bad” on Ghana Web’s features column of 11th November 2017: “Lawyer begs Akufo-Addo not to sign Major Mahama Trust Fund into Law”, Ghana Web’s General News of 11th November 2017; and “A Bill Akufo-Addo must not sign into law just yet” on Ghana Web’s features column of 12th November 2017.)

  • “It is the right of every man, in Parliament or out of it, in the Press or over broadcast, to make fair comment, even outspoken comment, on matters of public interest. Those who comment can deal faithfully with all that is done in a court of justice.

    The right to criticize a fellow citizen, however vigorous, cannot be defamatory of that citizen or even in contempt of court when it is kept within the limits of reasonable courtesy and good faith.
    As Lord Justice Salmon said in R v Metropolitan Police Commissioner; Ex Parte Blackburn at pages 155-156:

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