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MoMo account

  • “If you have a Mobile Money (MoMo) account in Ghana you are no longer excluded from the financial system. Every user of a MoMo account can now use that account like a traditional bank account.

    Most Ghanaians have over the years been excluded from basic banking services because of lack of identity, inability to produce a utility bill, or an address.

  • This is a story of hundreds of unsuspecting mobile money customers who for convenience, have chosen to have mobile money accounts for various transactions. These telcos advertise heavily, ...

    Written By Benoni Okine - I had a call around 1.15 p.m. last Monday. It was my subordinate, a national service person. On the phone, her voice was shaking. What is it? I quizzed. “Somebody has withdrawn all my money from my MoMo account”. Curious, I asked how.

  • I think payment of service through MOMPO must be encouraged by both public and private organizations in the country.

    The onset and continuous spread of Coronavirus (COVID -19) has taken a strong toll on all facets of people’s lives across the world, Ghana included.

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