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  • In a certain phase of the lives of most young women, marriage is a priority. While others are overly obsessed with settling down with their special ones, a lot more only want to have a wedding. Marriage may not be such a thing for most young men. On the flip side, however, it’s such a big deal to women.

  • Written By John Bravo - Right there in the exams hall, amid the fears and anxiety of several students, I sat glued to my seat, darting eyeballs to and fro, desperately seeking for a chance to unzip my shorts, and unleash the piece of paper I had hidden under my pants. Then with a quick, shuddery blink my eyes came flashing back wetly and wistfully at the invigilator, Miss Baffoe-Bonnie, hoping that she turns her gaze from my trembling body. Slowly the frigidity of the room died away; and despite being under two swiveling fans, I felt a sea of anxiety deep down, and a bucket full of sweat dripping down slowly into my boxer shorts. Like flames of fire in the chest, my body parts knew no rest. Teeth were clenched, fingers flexed; my eyes, all red.

  • It connotes the abundant availability of almost anything. Variations such as, “one man, one wife,” “one week, one scandal,” have all come up. Hardly does a week pass without something occurring.

    Written By Doreen Hammond - Following the promise of the ruling government to construct a dam in each village and a factory for every district, the term has gradually wormed itself into our national vocabulary.

  • Every situation we face presents us with the opportunity to view life from an attitude of enthusiasm, if we choose to do so.

    Written By Ghanaian Times - “Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Do you live your life with an attitude of enthusiasm? When we talk about enthusiasm, we deal once again with attitude. Enthusiasm empowers your life like electricity powers a light bulb. Nothing happens to that bulb until you flip on the switch and release a surge of electricity to illuminate it. In life you become the light bulb and enthusiasm is the switch that turns you on.

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