Tue, May

NASA perseverance rover

  • For Ghanaians with “spiritual powers,” use your “submarine technology” positively to improve Ghana.

    The first time Boss used the term ‘Africangitis,’ I thought it was a Latin or legal jargon because of his background.

  • The lack of commitment by our leaders to offer continuous and intentional development for us, Ghanaians, continue to hamper our progress and it is not getting any better.

    It was refreshing to watch the successful landing of Perseverance on the red planet, Mars. Seemed like an NFL moment where all of mankind was waiting just for that touchdown to win the Super Bowl. I guess that explains the exhilarating euphoria in NASA offices.

  • The $85 million helicopter demo was considered high risk, yet high reward.

    NASA’s experimental helicopter Ingenuity rose into the thin air above the dusty red surface of Mars on Monday, achieving the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet.

  • NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars Feb. 18, completing a nearly seven-month journey from Earth and beginning a years-long exploration of the red planet.

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