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  • One of the most difficult places to be in life is to be a starter. It is such a hard place to be if you ...

    Life is hard for an underdog. Imagine trying to get DJs to play your songs just because you are an underground artiste. Imagine begging for platforms as a novice.  Imagine begging potential clients to give you a chance to provide a service for them because you just started a business. Being an underdog is such an uncomfortable experience.

  • Rip the roof off excuses!!!

    “4: And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. 5: When Jesus SAW their faith, He said to the paralytic, "Son, your sins are forgiven you."

  • Without any shred of doubt, mother Ghana has already chosen those she loves. They are the chosen few who belong to the elite class. They are mostly ....

    At a recent forum, the above question was posed by the facilitator and I found it rather preposterous. Who in their right sense will not love their mother? After all, mother and child relations are hinged on mutual loyalty and love. Mothers provide us with nourishment and sustenance.

  • When it is your time at the top, don’t enjoy alone. Think about those behind you. They are those who may someday be in front of you… only to return a favor you did them many years ago. When life is all rosy for you, ...

    Imagine a room filled with only one lit candle but nine hundred and ninety nine dead ones. That room will appear dim. When this lit candle lights up the dead ones, the room becomes brighter because a thousand candles will shine far brighter than a single candle will. That aside, if a lit candle’s light goes out, there will always be another lit one that can light it up. This is the whole concept of mentorship— to light up dead candles!

  • Maybe if you answer that question honestly, you will not need to look around you for the evidence of my discovery, you might actually be the discovery.

    I have received an overwhelming positive embrace and feedback from my initial write-up that has gone insanely viral, I have had calls and messages from high offices in the military, business circles, government and the clergy, and the feedback has been amazingly great.

  • I read your piece titled, Where did we go wrong? Your question is very sad: WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?

    I am not too sure whether Major Kofi Baah Bentum (retired) was my junior in the Army, but even so, since he retired as a major, let me, Captain, salute him – sir!!! All correct!!!

  • Suit and tie has become A dress which gives people an inflated sense of self importance and our local attire and delicacies sidelined for continental dishes in our homes and restaurants.

    Written By Abigail Nana Efua Arthur - Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, “I am not an African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me”. Today, inferiority complex is almost synonymous to Africans.

  • ... there is Abundance for everyone, and it is only when we think like this that we will change Ghana and export our greatness beyond Ghana to Africa, and then the World.

    I am a Ghanaian and arguably a Nigerian also, I lived in several parts of Nigeria for over 2 Decades, and I have lived here in Ghana for almost the same period - so I am writing from a combined experience of about 40years. I know the difference between the two countries like I know the difference between Black and White.

  • Our beautiful shoes may be our titles. They may be our possessions. They may even be our gifts. Our wealth and titles are like a pair of beautiful shoes.

    The climax of the joy of having an elder brother when growing up was when you both could share almost everything you had. Though we were three (3) years apart, we could exchange our clothes and no one could notice. What I had, he could wear. What he had, I usually wore.

  • So, when I heard people mocking some people of religion who had organized for prayers to be said against the threat of the deadly Coronavirus, I was a bit taken aback.

    I am an avid believer in hard work. I do not believe that by merely praying for food, one's belly would get filled up. If there's anyone who believes that this is possible, I will not hesitate in spending my very meager income on his bills at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

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