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  • Without any shred of doubt, mother Ghana has already chosen those she loves. They are the chosen few who belong to the elite class. They are mostly ....

    At a recent forum, the above question was posed by the facilitator and I found it rather preposterous. Who in their right sense will not love their mother? After all, mother and child relations are hinged on mutual loyalty and love. Mothers provide us with nourishment and sustenance.

  • I read your piece titled, Where did we go wrong? Your question is very sad: WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?

    I am not too sure whether Major Kofi Baah Bentum (retired) was my junior in the Army, but even so, since he retired as a major, let me, Captain, salute him – sir!!! All correct!!!

  • Our beautiful shoes may be our titles. They may be our possessions. They may even be our gifts. Our wealth and titles are like a pair of beautiful shoes.

    The climax of the joy of having an elder brother when growing up was when you both could share almost everything you had. Though we were three (3) years apart, we could exchange our clothes and no one could notice. What I had, he could wear. What he had, I usually wore.

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