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  • Expanding on the ten-year cashew project on his own accord, he said he was all for it, as cashew trees are unlike Guinea fowls, and thus unlikely to grow long wings that can willingly or unwillingly force them to take a one way flight to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and even to Togo, where they may likely consider the fifty-year-old dynastic rule of the Eyadema family a deterrent.

    A novel group of youthful Ghanaian entrepreneurs based in Laterbiokorshie, Accra, identifying themselves as the ‘Manholers and Potholers’, have, in the typical germane sense of the Ghanaian approach to finding solutions to local problems, come up with a unique way to utilize the manholes and potholes that abound on several of the country’s streets to the fullest maximum.

  • And these potholes, and sinking sands, will persist until the power mongers cede initiative once more to the resource planners. Until then, I might have to accept the rivulets that plough valleys on the dirt road outside my house and the potholes waiting to gobble my tires.

    There is a nebulous transition zone between Legon and East Legon. Somewhere as one leaves the University Gate, crosses the dual carriage and gets onto the long winding road of an affluent Accra suburb, the grounds of the university ends and East Legon begins. The wealth does not exactly reflect in the roads, and one notices the abrupt end of the order and lay out of the university, as buildings bulging with commerce, tussle on both sides of the narrow roads for every inch of expensive prime real estate. And here, some buildings ooze wealth, and class, and attainment, and some don’t.

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