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prof kwasi prempeh

  • A rejection of party-based MMDCE elections will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop or change the things we don't like about our politics. It would be misdiagnosing ....

    There are many different problems with our politics, each of which demands its own prescriptions and remedies. It is important to tailor the remedy to the disease. Electing MMDCEs on a party basis is not intended as a cure for all the ills that ail our current politics. It is a remedy for a very specific disease, and that disease is "winner-take-all, loser-do-nothing" politics.

  • Mr Swallah noted that empowering ordinary citizens and strengthening their capacities to demand transparency, probity and accountability from duty bearers was important to promote good governance.

    Mohammed Awal Swallah, the Team Leader of the I Am Aware (IAA) Project of the Centre for Democratic Development-Ghana (CDD-Ghana), has appealed to the citizenry to make it their utmost concern to monitor and demand from government appointees in the implementation of socio-economic development projects and services in their communities.

  • CSOs continue to engage the government and citizens by influencing public policy through advocacy campaigns, policy formulation and implementation, awareness creation, education and capacity building.

    Written By Zephaniah Kwesi Danaa - The concept of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) is broad and diverse, making it sometimes difficult to grasp.

  • The cost of vying for power seems to have increased by 59 per cent since the 2012 general election.

    An aspiring Ghanaian politician had to raise GH¢389,803 ($85,000) for nomination processes and competition in the 2016 parliamentary elections.

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