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prostate cancer

  • Hormone treatment for prostate cancer is an example of the medical industry with blinders on! The premise is that testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer, this was evident in the documentary titled, Balls in Danger produced by Joy FM.

  • If you are obese, have diabetes, a chronic medical condition or hormonal disorder, you may be afflicted with low testosterone. Normally, people with low testosterone levels witness a change in sleeping pattern as well as changes in the physical body (that can include more fat or less muscles). While it is true that there is general decline of testosterone levels as one ages, it cannot really be a reason for the sudden drop your sex drive.

  • New studies have shown that colorectal cancer is a major cause of mortality throughout the world and it accounts for over nine per cent of all cancer incidences.

  • Written By Nelson Tetteh - When men like us were sleeping, he worked all day and night doing calculations, researching in the political trend in the Shai Osudoku land and all the Dangme constituencies to make things right. His research brought the Dangme areas into the political limelight, nationally and internationally.

    Now my fellow generational thinkers I present to you the finest gentleman on the soil of the motherland, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, Ph.D.

    I'm very proud to be part of the GA Dangme family.  May the most high bless you and give you the strength to fight prostate cancer by creating awareness in the coming years. Your stories will forever be in our hearts because you are a blessing to our world. The time has come for me to honour you for the good work you are doing for humanity in the medical and political arena.

    A new day has come for us to rally behind you my king as we move towards the unknown future. Your political research indeed made the NPP win the first seat in the Dangme land at the Upper Manya constituency with your Dangme newspaper.

    You are a shining star and a Mentor for the Dangme youth. You are indeed a generational thinker.

    Thank you.                                                         

    #Ambassador Nelson Tetteh                                            

  • This test may be able to spot fast growing cancers.

    The Prostate Specific Antigen test, also known as PSA velocity, has been used extensively around the world to detect and monitor prostate cancer.

    For many years, physicians have been using the absolute value of PSA to determine a man's risk for prostate cancer or whether his cancer has returned or progressed. In recent years, however, it has become more obvious that the rate of change of the PSA level, or PSA velocity, may be just as important as the raw number itself.

    The New Role for PSA Velocity

    Many prostate cancer experts now consider not only the PSA level but also how fast it is changing when determining whether to order further tests, when to start treatment or what to tell their patients about prognosis.

    Numerous studies have now shown that a high PSA velocity (for example rapid doubling time of PSA or a rise of 0.35 ng/mL or more per year) may signal a rapidly growing cancer regardless of how high the absolute PSA level is.

    For example, a man goes for his routine screening PSA test and it comes back at 2.0 ng/mL. He is otherwise healthy and his physician is unconcerned by the result since 2.0 is not a "high" level in most cases. But last year his PSA level was 1.0 ng/mL and the year before it was 0.5 ng/mL.

    Should these results worry him or his doctor?

    Based on mounting evidence, the answer is likely "yes." In this example, a relatively low PSA level of 2.0 could be waved off as "normal." However, this man's PSA has doubled each year for two years, making the number significant even if it falls within the "normal" range.

    This is a high rate of change of PSA (such as a high PSA velocity) and could likely signify a rapidly growing cancer.

    In short, the doctor in this scenario should take swift action to get this patient further medical treatment.
    Wrapping Up

    It is therefore important to keep track of your own PSA levels over the years and alert your doctor to any trends that you notice, especially if you change doctors and are not sure how familiar your new doctor is with your medical history.

    Physicians see thousands of patients a year and may simply overlook the fact that your PSA has been increasing rapidly.

    Don't hesitate to question your doctor about your PSA velocity results or to request further testing or analysis. This goes double if you belong to a high risk group, such as African American men, or have a family history of prostate cancer.

    If your doctor takes issue with this line of questioning or appears to be unconcerned about your PSA velocity results, even if they appear to be rising markedly as they did in the above example, consider switching physicians. Your life is far too precious to take the risk that everything is normal, when your PSA levels may be revealing otherwise. If you don't switch doctors, at least consider getting a second or third opinion about your PSA velocity and medical history. The persistence of patients has saved countless lives.

  • Despite the many serious health problems confronting men, few countries have national strategies to address these problems. There appears to be a deficit in gender-sensitive health service provision for men all over the world, and Ghana is no exception.

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