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  • Millions have in the past, been killed in the name of religion. Sadly, people are still being killed by religious fanatics across the globe while the world watches unconcerned.

    Written By Michael Kwadwo Nketiah - For choosing love over religion, 21 year old Lisa, a Hindu college student and her Muslim partner Ramiz, have been living in fear after a right wing Hindu nationalist group urged its members to "find and hunt them" along with 99 other interfaith couples living across India. The crime of these 200 people has nothing to do with stealing, murder, rape or even religious blasphemy.

  • We are not practicing Christianity when people are taught faith is all about praying, lazily folding our arms and waiting on God to do His miracle - even those we claim brought us the Holy Bible still have industries and Citizens working 24/7;

    For the volume of ancient manuscripts I have paid money to read, for the secrets of the Rosicrucians, Masons and Brotherhoods I have known, for the frightening depths of modern and future sciences I have luckily been privy to - it would have been easy to start believing there was no God. But I have only known him more.

  • Having ample time to myself to observe current happenings on our tv screens, I am compelled to comment on the influx of these so-called “most senior prophets, prophets, archbishops, right reverends (never left reverend), general overseers and others who have undergone three months seminary courses and graduated as pastors.

    Written By Col E. K. Hammond (retd) -  I would be most grateful if this article that raises great concern not only to me, but also to Christendom, is brought to the attention of the following:

  • Around 250 black majority churches are believed to operate in the borough of Southwark, where 16 percent of the population identifies as having African ethnicity.

    On a cold, grey Sunday morning, in a street lined with shuttered builders’ yards and storage units, songs of prayer in the West African language of Yoruba ring out from a former warehouse that is now a church.

  • At school I took it to be the duty of man to do God’s will. Later I found that one had to study and join the like-minded to promote God’s kingdom on earth. I joined politically minded groups and promoted the socialist philosophy. Eventually in middle age I formed the Social Democratic Party, SDF, which entered the political fray after the first Rawlings coup. We won three seats and were determined to persevere but political parties were again proscribed.

    At school, I found the English of certain passages of the Bible superb and the teaching admirable. One of them was Paul’s address at the Areopagus. St Paul found the men of Athens very religious but ignorant of the deity they worshipped. I doubt whether we in Ghana know the God we worship.

  • Pastor Boniface Mwamposa has been drawing huge crowds by promising prosperity and ...

    At least 20 people have been killed and over a dozen injured in a stampede during a church service at a stadium in northern Tanzania, a government official said on Sunday.

  • The communique should detail steps for dealing with the situation and establish ideal parameters for the practice of religion in the country.

    Written By Isaac Aidoo - An alarming phenomenon prevailing in the Christian circles which is unscriptural, unhealthy and very destructive is the absurd behaviours and weird practices of hoaxers calling themselves men of God.

  • Written By Dr. Albert Tsolu - Religion emerged from a homogenous source as human cosmology expressed belief in the existence of the Omnipotent Being.

  • Written By Anonymous Anonymous - Black people are the least successful people in the world. According to research, in USA white people are five times richer than black people. In the UK alone, half of young black males are unemployed. In Africa, poverty is the continent’s middle name.

  • If the church is failing to clean up and sanctify its own house, then the Government could – under every constitutional provision - be compelled to step in to regulate the reckless activities of some of these “prophets” or “preachers”.

    Written By Ben Dotsei Malor - There is a terrible, odious, and destructive crisis on open display in Ghana today. It is now an open sore on the image, conscience, and picture of this beloved nation. The source of this development can be found in manipulative religious practices, with the concomitant indictment of leadership across the spectrum, especially Christian leadership, media and journalistic leadership, plus political as well as traditional leadership.

  • Many Burkinabé families are a mixture of Christians, Muslims and animists and both Christians and Muslims are often welcomed into each other's places of worship.

    Muslim-majority Burkina Faso has been hit by a wave of violence by militant Islamists in recent years. Christmas Eve saw more than 30 people, mostly women, killed in a suspected jihadist attack.

  • A Pakistani court has convicted a Muslim professor of blasphemy, sentencing him to death for allegedly spreading anti-Islamic ideas

    A Pakistani court on Saturday convicted a Muslim professor of blasphemy, sentencing him to death for allegedly spreading anti-Islamic ideas.

  • Pope Francis is warning that "rigidity" in living out the Christian faith is creating a "minefield" of hatred and misunderstanding

    Pope Francis warned Saturday that "rigidity" in living out the Christian faith is creating a "minefield" of hatred and misunderstanding in a world where Christianity is increasingly irrelevant.

  • In the first such ceremony on a papal flight, Pope Francis has performed a wedding for a steward and stewardess while flying between two Chilean cities.

    Paula Podest Ruiz, 39, and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga, 41, who had a civil union eight years ago, told the Pope a religious ceremony that was to follow was cancelled after their parish church in Santiago was heavily damaged in an earthquake in 2010.

  • Sometimes in constructing a road, you come across mountains. It becomes essential to get such a mammoth hindrance out the way in order to access the free lying landscape beyond. In doing this, the construction experts usually adopt three approaches; in some cases, it’s easy to negotiate course and avoid such an obstacle. But in others, you need must cut through it. Finally, some dig a tunnel beneath it for access to the choice destination.

  • When I see a bunch of people praying at some odd hours of the day, I ask myself if they really understand the God they are praying to. Do they know ...?

    Ghana is a Christian nation— at least, so they say.  With a supposed 70% (or more) of us proclaiming to know Christ, it goes without saying that this nation qualifies to be at par with Israel and other typically Christian nations. 

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