Tue, May

sam jonah

  • A contemporary musician Adangba however asks a good question which I will like to ask all of us: “who go say the truth”? On that note, I urge all of us to speak up, for the good of our country, now and in the future. A wise man once said that the necessary condition for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent.

    A statesman, Sir Sam Jonah, recently revived calls for a review of the 1992 Constitution to overhaul the powers of the Executive arm of government.

  • I hope, however, that in this piece I have been able to properly contextualise some of the key issues he raised, and, hopefully, corrected some of the wrong impressions he may have inadvertently created.

    Written By Evron R. Hughes - The recent speech by Sir. Sam Jonah (Sir. Sam) as a guest speaker at a Rotary Meeting has resulted in heated debates on and off social media, and, as is usually the case, been taken up and amplified by the traditional media.

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