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selorm branttie

  • Every day, the poorer people in the church are reminded of the reasons why they are poor; they don’t give enough, they don’t pray enough, they don’t sacrifice enough for the church, yet the rich ....

    Dear African Pastors,

    Thanks for being the gateway between the spiritual and the physical. We praise God for the anointing that he has placed on your lives, that has been given by the Grace and for the power of the Holy Ghost that is manifest anytime you send your sacrifices of praise to the most holy of holies.

  • Look at what is happening with the anger of the youth not because they are lawless and recalcitrant, but because you have failed to educate them. You have failed to create and sustain...

    Dear Leaders of Ghana,

    Most of you are getting up from the champagne and caviar funeral reception of our great Busumuru Kofi Annan. Indeed, he has brought people together in a way that even soccer could not. We are for once celebrating meritorious excellence for what it is.

  • Dear Madina MP,

    Good afternoon. You have been an MP for the past 8 years. During your tenure Madina has grown and become one of the biggest constituencies in Greater Accra.

    Over the past 4 years however, you have been an arrogant unapproachable, and unresponsive MP.

    For some of us residents, we petitioned you, together with the MCE who is just like you to do something to assist our neighborhood residents association to provide easement over a giant culvert that was built by Roads and Highways.

    My father who is the head of our neighborhood watch group wrote 5 separate petitions to you spanning over 4 years, detailing how poor sanitary activities in the Madina Market is affecting us residents living downhill from the market.

    After several futile visits to the MCE, he virtually told us to go to hell saying that he doesn't answer to us. You also did the same.

    We ourselves contributed to building a bridge, yet anytime it rained, the court will destroy its foundations. We have contributed again.

    Our complaints to the MCE fell on deaf ears, yet the market is the largest source of revenue for the Municipal Authority, but people who live near it are bearing all sorts of inconveniences because you don't care.

    You and your MCE have allowed a nice area to be covered in filth, with squatters everywhere breeding all kinds of vices around the REDCO flats and Ritz junction area.

    The last rain 2 days ago flooded the frontage of my house, I had my car parked outside my house, and I had to tow it from the sludge due to the debris that flowed on the street from the market.

    Market people continuously throw garbage into the flowing water from the market and it ends up right outside our front wall. You have never bothered after several petitions (in writing, signed by 20 households over 4 years) to give any response or take any action.

    The culvert eroded our bridge, and in trying to get home 2 days ago, I banged the front of the car into the ground.

    My radiators are completely damaged. The cost of the two radiators is 700 Cedis.

    And you think I will smile when your name is mentioned to vote you in again?

    Even if for nothing, I am going to help vote you out. You don't deserve another term. Like you told a bunch of your party people, you have made your money already so you don't care.

    I don't care and don't want you back.

    Your constituent,

    Selorm Branttie.


  • What makes it even worse is the role of the Church. Instead of counselling these people and making the church a refuge, the sanctimonious church leaders rather pick on these vulnerable people and make their lives hell.

     Dear Sanctimonious Ghanaian purist and spiritual hypocrites,

    People Always Have Sex whether they hide it or not...

  • So, like Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah was saying this morning, and like Awareness General Francis Kennedy Ocloo has also been asking, who do we think we are deceiving?

  • We as Ghanaians never understand the power of the mind. We believe very firmly, even some of our best of friends, that we cannot on our own be self-starters.

    I have found out that right from the most basic level of school, the Ghanaian child is forbidden from thinking for him/herself. You are forced to join the pack or you are thrown away.

  • Written By Selorm Branttie - There was a time in Accra when there were Mayors who were feared. In fact, one Salifu Amankwah was legendary for his ruthlessness.

    We have left this city to be blackmailed by the wishes of politicians who allow people to build or sell food or do any activity with impunity out of fear of losing their votes. We have city planners who allow anyone to do anything they like because "if we don’t, they won’t vote for us".

  • They tell you about how they will change your life, offer you jobs, feed on your hope by giving you a fantasy. They come sweaty, hot, broke and ragged. They say you are their people.

    So your desperation to be like what you see on TV has led to a business model.

  • This is a very controversial issue. Growing up, there were very few Ghanaians who dabbled in technology for obvious reasons. We didn’t have enough resources. Hell, we drank Fanta and Coke and ate chicken and jollof only after Christmas (if you were born in the 80s like me). A computer wasn’t even seen in the movies that GBC-TV showed back then.

  • The cancer has already began spreading. We are now experts in exporting necromancers and attributing systemic failures to not appearing in churches. That is how madness is beginning to start. Ghana beyond aid should reflect in Ghana beyond common sense!

     So Ghana is going on roadshows asking for people in the diaspora to come and help build the nation.

    Note that the diaspora pipos usually have very good jobs, and ye olde Trump doesnt even talk about them too much because they are contributing fine fine to their respective economies, as well as those in Maa Lizzy's fine palace.

  • The winners are: Crisis Text Line, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, mPedigree, mPharma, and Thorn.

    The Skoll Foundation has announced the five winners of the 2019 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, a week ahead of the 16th Annual Skoll World Forum.

  • Dear Abena Magis and #PepperDem Ministries,

    I want you to use your medium to address a very pressing societal issue.

  • Dear Parliament of the Republic of Ghana,

    My name is Selorm Branttie, a voter and a citizen of Ghana who dabbles in many business activities.

  • Consider that while other countries are making their citizens ready for the future, you are reveling in a past that doesn't exist anymore, ...

     Dear Chief Justice,

    Your Honor, by your erudite pronouncements, we can follow that unassailable line of logic that we can't also mass produce SHS graduates, since the scale of the malpractice these days surpass the days of the 60s as we need future adults of Ghana to be full of integrity and law abiding.

  • Like I said earlier, we either evolve or die, let’s not aggravate our ‘shitholean’ status.

    Dear Transport Minister,

    No, I am sorry, I seriously don’t understand your reasons, or what compelled you to do this move.

  • Only this time, we are selling not just the bodies of our brothers and sisters, but also their heritage, birthright and resources. In a way, this is even more egregious than the slave trade.

    Africa’s leadership stories have been one amusing yet disturbing comedy after the other. From Mobutu to Eyadema, from Yahya Jammeh to the recently deposed Al-Bashir, a very interesting pattern of leadership is developing that is easy to see, but also not very obvious to a casual observer.

  • Hope is not a strategy. Hope is grounded on wisdom. Faith is not a remedy. Faith is a source of strength. Miracles magnify potential, they don’t glorify stupidity.

    The composer, Joseph M Scriven, will be smiling in his grave this very moment. His famous hymn, What A Friend We have in Jesus, has been very instructive at this time of your unfortunate peril, being plagued with Cholera at such a scale of Biblical proportions.

  • Nobody is against you. You are against the competition. You are competing with others who have the same dreams, same abilities, and same goals

    Good, I got your attention. Today is Sunday, and most of you are probably just returning from a church service, barely out of your Sunday garb, filled with the Holy Spirit and powered by the power of God that has been imbibed in you by your favorite Man of God. As you muse over the glory of his Kingdom, it should become apparent to you that although the Bible says he created the world in 6 days, God has maintained the world till now.

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