Sun, May

south korea

  • In setting up separate talks with Beijing, Seoul, Washington, and potentially with Moscow and Tokyo, North Korea may be moving to disrupt any united front among its negotiating counterparts. By reintroducing China, which is the North's only major ally,

    South Korean officials Thursday said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a border village on April 27 amid a global diplomatic push to resolve the standoff over the North's nuclear program.

  • Seoul defense officials said the Russian reconnaissance aircraft left the area three minutes later but later returned and violated South Korean airspace again for four minutes.

    South Korean air force jets fired 360 rounds of warning shots Tuesday after a Russian military plane twice violated South Korea's airspace off the country's eastern coast, Seoul officials said in an announcement that was quickly disputed by Russia.

  • South Korean health officials said it remains unclear what is behind the trend, with epidemiological investigations still under way.

    South Korean officials on Friday reported 91 patients thought cleared of the new coronavirus had tested positive again.

  • “It’s not over until it’s over,” President Moon Jae-in told the nation, saying a new cluster shows the virus can spread widely at any time, and warning of a second wave late this year.

    South Korea warned of a second wave of the new coronavirus on Sunday as infections rebounded to a one-month high, just as the authorities were starting to ease some pandemic restrictions.

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