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  • Uncomfortable as these restrictions have been, we have no option but to stay the course. We can only guarantee the safety of each other if we continue to adhere to them. As I have said before, ...

    Fellow Ghanaians,

    Good Evening, It has been eight (8) weeks since our nation embarked on a co-ordinated, enhanced response towards combating the Coronavirus pandemic, after we recorded our first two (2) confirmed cases. We have taken the necessary measures of aggressively tracing, testing, isolating and treating infected persons and their contacts, as a means of containing the spread of the virus amongst the population.

  • We are the first country in the world to be recipients of vaccines from the COVAX Facility, and I want to express my appreciation to members of the COVID-19 Taskforce, which I chair, and to officials of the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service for this commendable feat.

    Fellow Ghanaians,

    Good evening, and thank you for welcoming me into your homes once again. You are doing so on one of the sacred days of our nation, 28th February, when the 1948 Christiansborg Crossroads shooting occurred seventy-three (73) years ago, which led to the martyrdoms of Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe, and Private Odartey Lamptey, martyrdoms that ignited the nationalist movement, and led us to the freedom we enjoy today. Let us observe a moment’s silence in honour of their memory, and the memory of all the faithful departed patriots who helped create our nation. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

  • Fellow Ghanaians, as I have said before, all that Government is doing is intended to achieve five (5) key objectives – limit and stop the importation of the virus; contain its spread; provide adequate care for the sick; limit the impact of the virus on social and economic life; and inspire the expansion of our domestic capability and deepen our self-reliance.

    Fellow Ghanaians, Good evening.

    Nine (9) days ago, I came to your homes and requested you to make great sacrifices to save lives, and to protect our motherland. I announced the imposition of strict restrictions to movement, and asked that residents of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area and Kasoa and the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area and its contiguous districts to stay at home for two (2) weeks, in order to give us the opportunity to stave off this pandemic. As a result, residents of these two areas had to make significant adjustments to our way of life, with the ultimate goal being to protect permanently our continued existence on this land.

  • This is because the alarming rate of joblessness among the youth in Ghana continues to pose a major threat to national security. Needless to say, unemployment serves as a breeding ground for the perpetuation of crimes by the energetic youth.

    Written By Sylvester Forson - The initiative by the present government to situate factories in the various districts in Ghana has been widely commended as a laudable initiative aimed at solving the unemployment situation in the country.

  • The one hundred thousand (100,000) young men and women, who are present, did not listen to the loud cries of the cynics and ‘Jeremiahs’. They rose up to the challenge, signed up for the programme, took part in the rigorous selection process, and are passing out as Ghana’s first NABCO trainees.

    I begin with words from Holy Scripture, in Psalm 118 verse 24, and I quote, “This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Today is a very happy day for me. It is a day when we begin the process of banishing the spectre of desperation, and restoring hope and dignity to our youth.

  • The directive, according to the President, was based on data, which suggests that the surge in cases was as a result of non-adherence to preventive protocols at such social gatherings.

    The Minister-designate for Information, Mr Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah, has explained that the new restrictions on social gatherings as announced by President Akufo-Addo last Sunday, does not mean a ban on marriages.

  • "Fellow Ghanaians, at this current rate, where-by thirteen (13) out of the sixteen (16) regions have recorded active cases, our healthcare infrastructure will be overwhelmed. If this situation continues, it will severely undermine the efforts Government is making to revitalize the economy, and put our nation back onto the path of progress and prosperity, following the ravages of the pandemic.

    President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has indicated that personnel of the Ghana Police Service, and if need be other security agencies will join in, to strictly enforce the Covid-19 health and safety protocols to stem the spread of the disease in the country.

  • The loan, a total of GH₵600 million, will have a one year moratorium and two-year repayment period.

    President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced a soft loan scheme for micro, small and medium scale businesses.

  • A contemporary musician Adangba however asks a good question which I will like to ask all of us: “who go say the truth”? On that note, I urge all of us to speak up, for the good of our country, now and in the future. A wise man once said that the necessary condition for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent.

    A statesman, Sir Sam Jonah, recently revived calls for a review of the 1992 Constitution to overhaul the powers of the Executive arm of government.

  • If we are to be successful in building a resilient Ghana, capable of withstanding, in future, external shocks, such as COVID-19, then we must all put our shoulders to the wheel. Already, Government has taken steps to revitalise and transform the economy, a process which is hinged on the one hundred-billion-cedi Ghana CARES ‘Obaatampa’ Programme, ...

    “The Recovery Of The Nation From The Pandemic”

    Sixty-four (64) years ago, we freed our nation, Ghana, from the shackles of colonialism and imperialism. We were the first nation, in colonial Africa, to gain our independence from the colonial power, and, thus, became the torchbearer of the struggle for liberation of the African continent.

  • That is why Government has decided to undertake a major investment in our healthcare infrastructure, the largest in our history. We will, this year, begin constructing eighty-eight (88) hospitals in the districts without hospitals.

    Fellow Ghanaians,

    Good Evening, It is a privilege for me, once again, to come into your homes to speak to you about the state of our common battle against the pandemic of the Coronavirus that is affecting all parts of the world, including our own. Exactly a week ago, I announced the lifting of restrictions on movement of persons resident in Accra, Kumasi, Tema and Kasoa. I did so on the basis of the data and science, as well as on a careful analysis of the impact of the restrictions on several sectors of our population, especially our informal workers, who need to have a day out in order to provide for themselves and their families, the poor and the vulnerable.

  • Fellow Ghanaians, I have to address a matter which has to do with our case count, especially in recent weeks, and which has given cause for anxiety. The increase in numbers indicates that the virus has spread and continues to spread. We have to bear in mind, at all times, that the more people we test for the virus, ....

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    Exactly two weeks ago, I came again into your homes to outline a roadmap for easing the restrictions put in place to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in our country. I indicated that it would be a phased approach, involving a selected list of public gatherings, based on their risk profile, socio-economic impact, and, most importantly, our capacity to enforce and to respond, in the event of a flair up in our number of infections.

  • Our phased approach towards returning our lives to normal, through the strategic, controlled, progressive, and safe easing of restrictions, will, thus, continue. Most final year university students have ...

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    Today is the fifteenth (15th) time, since the virus came to our country some five (5) months ago, that I have come to provide you with the status of our co-ordinated efforts to defeat COVID-19. I must thank you, again, for welcoming me into your homes, and I must repeat how proud I am to be your President in these difficult times. I appeal to all of us to continue in our individual and collective efforts to help contain the spread of the virus in our country.

  • Fellow Ghanaians, with respect to football, after due consultations with the Ghana Football Association, it has been decided that the Ghana Premier League and the Division One Football League will restart on Friday, 30th October, with a full regime of testing of the players, ...

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    This is the seventeenth (17th) time that you are kindly opening the doors to your homes to me to enable me brief you about the issue of COVID-19, the steps being taken by Government to eliminate it, and the measures being implemented to ease progressively and safely the restrictions put in place to defeat the virus.

  • Since the announcement, on Wednesday, 11th March 2020, of the first set of restrictions to help win the fight against the virus, several others have been imposed by Government to this end.

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    I wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year. We have to be thankful to Almighty God for seeing us through 2020, undoubtedly one of the most eventful years in the history of mankind.

  • Fellow Ghanaians, I urge all of us to continue to live responsibly with the virus, even as we work towards accessing the vaccine. Details of the access and roll-out plan will be announced very soon. Let us work constantly at how to do our work, keep our businesses and places of worship open, and send our children to school, all in safety.

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    Before I start, let me use this opportunity to thank you all and Almighty God for enabling me to swear, for the second time, the oath of office as President of the Republic. The ceremony took place after I last spoke to you. I promise I will do my very best to live up to your expectations.

  • The total number of active cases has more than doubled, from a little over one thousand, nine hundred (1,900), two weeks ago, to five thousand, three hundred and fifty-eight (5,358) currently. When I ...

    Address To The Nation By The President Of The Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, On Updates To Ghana’s Enhanced Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic, On Sunday, 31st January 2021

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    I came into your homes, on 17th January, to give an account of our COVID-19 situation – a situation which, per available data at the time, was not good. To this end, I appealed to you, my fellow Ghanaians, to help contain the spread of the virus by respecting the protocols Government had put in place. The hope was that we would begin to see an improvement in our case count, as a result. Two weeks on from that address, the situation is even worse.  

  • Fellow Ghanaians, now, more than ever, we must adhere to enhanced personal hygiene and social distancing protocols, wash our hands with soap under running water, refrain from shaking hands, and wear our masks whenever we leave our homes.

    Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

    I have come again, for the tenth (10th) time, into your homes to speak to you about the Coronavirus pandemic, share with you information about the fight against the virus, and outline to you the decisions I have taken about the next chapter of our common battle.

  • Message On The State Of The Nation On The Dissolution Of The 7th Parliament By The President Of The Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, On Tuesday, 5th January 2020, At Parliament House, Accra

  • Workers of Ghana, job creation is one of the most important priorities of this government. It is the thrust of the social contract, and over the course of our stay in Government, we have taken bold, innovative and urgent steps to realising this. Indeed, the latest Ghana Living Standards Survey states that the rate of unemployment, which stood at 11.9% in 2015, dropped to 7.3% in 2019.

    Workers of Ghana,

    I am happy to be able to join you on this special day set aside to celebrate workers across the world, May Day, which is, annually, the occasion for energetic, enthusiastic parades and joyful celebrations to acknowledge and pay tribute to the great contribution the toil of working people make to the lives of societies and nations.

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