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  • While blaming the TV stations for doing a disservice to the local movie industry, it important to encourage players in the local industry to up their game to enable them to compete favourably with their foreign counterparts. It is common knowledge...

    Written By Ernest Obeng-Anim - Without a doubt Ghana's movie industry has come a long way and has improved tremendously. As far back as the days of Osofo Dadzie, Keteke, Obra, Adabraka Drama troupe to Kwaw Ansah's movies such as Harvest at 17 and Concert Party one can easily say that the movie industry has made progress although there is more room for improvement.

  • You can condemn me all you want but I am convinced that more than 80 per cent of Ghanaian movies will not make the world stage. The cause, however, is not...

    In the last two months, a number of events have taken place that seem to confirm that the Ghanaian film industry is not dead; that even if there are no inspiring films, there are hopeful film-makers.

  • I read your piece titled, Where did we go wrong? Your question is very sad: WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?

    I am not too sure whether Major Kofi Baah Bentum (retired) was my junior in the Army, but even so, since he retired as a major, let me, Captain, salute him – sir!!! All correct!!!


    BOY: Hello babe... I want you to come over for a long lovely time tonight

    GIRL: Am sorry dear. I can't come over

    BOY: Why dear?

    GIRL: I just finished watching La Gata and Pablo was beaten in the prison and he's hurt. I'm sad now so I can't come over tonight.

    BOY: (Pissed) Okay goodnight.

    Next day.....

    GIRL: Hello babe....pls. I need 120ghc to fix my hair.

    BOY: Am sorry dear. I've sent 200ghc to Pablo for his medication so I have 5ghc left which u can use to barber your hair.

    GIRL: oh baby why that?

    BOY: siaaaaaa ask UTV.


    Originally shared by ATT on FB

  • Of course, this is not surprising, as everything sells here apart from what we make ourselves.

    Duty took me out of my normal weekend environment as I was stuck in a management retreat somewhere.

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