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  • An issue that was raised by the Coalition of 14 Opposition Parties, on the return to the plenary, was the need for the state to hold on to planned local and parliamentary elections, and referendum until the dialogue had considered and taken decisions on the Electoral and Institutional Reforms contained in the Rules of Procedure.

    The Togolese Government and the Coalition of 14 Opposition political parties have agreed to implement a number of measures aimed at building trust and confidence amongst the political actors in Togo.

  • Tears shouldn’t be the easiest way to have clean water,

    Togo’s leaders sit on thrones

    Made of gold and bones

    The dry, dehydrated bones of the people,

  • He continued, “One of the things we were looking for was the launch of a dialogue. Because of your leadership, and what you have done on the ground, we are now prepared to take this investment to our Board of Directors in the coming weeks. Assuming that things continue to move in a positive direction, hopefully our board will approve it, and we can begin an investment to Togo.”

    The Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Mr. Jonathan Nash, has expressed his and the appreciation of the MCC to the President Akufo-Addo, for his leadership in trying to find a lasting solution to the political impasse in Togo.

  • Opposition parties in Togo have called on supporters to observe a sit-at-home protest on Monday amid growing political tensions.

    Opposition coalition wants constitutional reforms and introduction of presidential term limits of a maximum of 10 years.

  • At the heart of the current political unrest in Togo is the call by the opposition, united in Brigitte Adjamagbo's C14 (platform of fourteen parties), and a young civil society, ...

    The coalition of opposition parties in Togo yesterday continued, with their protest marches against the upcoming referendum that will allow President Faure Gnassingbé to seek a fourth term in office.

  • A Saturday morning solidarity protest march in Ghana’s capital, Accra, organized by the group, Ghana-Togo Solidarity movement, has led to the arrest of the Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah.

  • Supporters of the opposition in Togo continued their five-month long anti-government weekly protests in the capital of Lome, and other towns, calling for the resignation from office of President Faure Eyadema this past week.

  • As I stated in my last article on the Togolese political crisis published in The Mirror (September 15-21, 2017), the endless political domination by a person or a political party in a country has, in modern political history, been a source of agitation and conflict – some endless and fatal.

    Written By Larweh Therson-Cofie - The Togolese political crisis takes its roots in the soil of political confusion that followed the death of President Gnassingbe Eyadema who had ruled the country from 1967.

  • Supporters of the opposition in Togo will continue their call for the removal from office of President Faure Gnassingbe with an anticipated, huge all-women only demonstration in the capital of Lomé this Saturday.

  • Opposition leader, Jean-Pierre Fabre, said the march was a "great initiative", and added, "Faced with the refusal of the power to move forward, women have decided to enter the game." Scheduled talks for early November has since stalled, and no date has been fixed for the start of new discussions.

    Thousands of Togolese women dressed in black took the streets of Togo's capital, Lomé, this past Saturday, calling for the departure from office of President Faure Gnassingbe.

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