Mon, Jul

A mentally challenged man arrived home one afternoon and met a thief making away with his broken 14 inch prized flat screen TV set that he had stuffed with old magazines and newspapers.

The thief sensing danger quickly took off with the TV, the mentally challenged looked around the room and picked up a small item and then took off after the thief.

Both men run as fast as they could, the thief eventually got exhausted and stopped and the man caught up to him.

Fool, said the mentally challenged man, look at how hard you made me run, all because you left the remote behind, here, take it with you!!

The following conversation took place between a wife and her husband.

Wife: how would you describe me?

Husband: "abcdefghijk".

Wife: what does that mean?

Husband: Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, hot.

Wife: aww, thanks my darling but wat about "ijk".

Husband: “I’m just kidding".


A beautiful and charming lady went to a hair salon to have her hair done.

I recently met Kofi, a boy of about 10 years crying bitterly somewhere on the streets of Accra New town.

I asked him the cause of his tears and he intimated that his mother had sent him with two GHs 5.00 notes with specific instructions to use one specific note to buy rice and the other note sugar from a nearby vendor.

Unfortunately, he had stopped to play with a couple of neighborhood friends and somehow got the notes mixed up and didn’t want to go home to face his mother’s rage since the notes have to be sorted out for the purchase.

Remember, he said, “One note for rice and the other for sugar.”


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