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Dear Papa,

My name is Joseph and I have been married for the past 6 years.

I live in New York, USA and my wife lives in Ghana. I haven't seen my wife for over a year and a half now. Papa, last night, my wife called me and told me she is now two months pregnant and she's sorry.

I don't understand why she is sorry. In fact, this is the happiest news I have ever received.

Joseph in the Bible did not sleep with his wife, she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit and they had Jesus Christ. History is repeating itself because my name is also Joseph. My wife should be happy because she is chosen to be the mother of the second Jesus.

Papa, my problem is should I relocate with my wife to Bethlehem or Jerusalem?

I want ideas for the perfect gift to get my faithful and holy wife for delivering such wonderful news.

Thanks in advance Papa for your advice.





A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie…

He decides to test it out on his son at supper.

Dad asks: “Where were you last night?”

Son answers: “I was at the library.”

The robot slaps the son.

Son says “OK, I was at a friend’s house.”

“Doing what?” asked the father.

Son says: “Watching a movie – Top Gun.”

The robot slaps the son.

“OK, it was porno!” cried the son.

Father yells “Whaaaaaaaat? When I was your age I didn’t know what porno was.”

The robot slaps the father.

The mother laughs and says “He certainly is your son.”

The robot slaps the mother.


Credit: Facebook and a couple of other places



BOY: Hello babe... I want you to come over for a long lovely time tonight

GIRL: Am sorry dear. I can't come over

BOY: Why dear?

GIRL: I just finished watching La Gata and Pablo was beaten in the prison and he's hurt. I'm sad now so I can't come over tonight.

BOY: (Pissed) Okay goodnight.

Next day.....

GIRL: Hello babe....pls. I need 120ghc to fix my hair.

BOY: Am sorry dear. I've sent 200ghc to Pablo for his medication so I have 5ghc left which u can use to barber your hair.

GIRL: oh baby why that?

BOY: siaaaaaa ask UTV.


Originally shared by ATT on FB

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