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Mr. Gane (R) filing his nomination papers with the Electoral Commissioner.

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This is not a matter of Ghana being ready for an Independent Presidential Candidate. What does that readiness even look like? The real question is, "are you ready for your life to get better than it has been the last 28 years? Are you ready to make ...

Independent presidential candidate Marricke K. Gane says he continues to press on for the highest office in the land as the December 2020 General Elections draws closer.

Expressing optimism after filing his nomination papers with the Electoral Commission on the 8th of October, Mr. Gane said he remains upbeat despite the challenges ahead.

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Describing the nomination process in a brief interview with myghanalinks.com reporter Abena Alice, he stated that contrary to what people think, it is actually a very involving process and a lot of hard work is involved. Apart from finding the humongous filing fees of GHC 100,000.00 there is the much heavier task of getting through all the regions yourself or through the regional teams, to get endorsers from every single district. But the actual submission process was cordial and warm between us and the Electoral Commission Chairperson and her deputies.

Touching on the journey since declaring his intent to contest for the Presidency to date, he had this to say: So far, it's been one hurdle after another, one miracle after another, one experience after another. The biggest take from this journey is - Ghanaian Youth KNOW where they want to see their country heading and they are willing to support whoever can get them there - they just want Life to Work. That's not asking for too much. Most people are very disillusioned right now and we are offering that hope to the masses. Sadly however, there are also SOME of our middle class who are willing to resettle for the NDC-NPP with the lame excuse "we wish the smaller parties could have come together" - No, I say it is WE the citizens who must come together. At the end of the day, if small parties come together and we don't give them our votes, what have their coming together achieved? It is us who must make a better Ghana happen.

In response to a comment on his Facebook timeline about the lack of political maturity among the electorate to vote for an independent candidate and the need for a united front among the smaller parties - “Great moves and I like but however the political Ghanaian has not reached that politically matured age to consider independent candidate at the presidential level so it gonna be a tall order...I wished all the other parties and candidates could come under one banner to contest the hegemony of the 2 dominant parties as a formidable 3rd party”- Mr. Gane had this to say:

He is finding an excuse not to join us make history. This is not a matter of Ghana being ready for an Independent Presidential Candidate. What does that readiness even look like? The real question is, "are you ready for your life to get better than it has been the last 28 years? Are you ready to make history? Are you ready to also benefit from the National Cake and not leave it to a few politicians to enjoy on your behalf at the top? The real issue is not whether Ghana is ready for an Independent Candidate - it is whether Ghanaians are happy with their personal Economy right now?

And to the naysayers, who have been leaving discouraging remarks on his Facebook timeline and Twitter handle saying he has no shot at winning the and that he should rather focus on investing his resources in the youth through an NGO etc., Mr. Gane said:

They aren’t God. There is always going to be naysayers until something that has never been done before is done. My job and that of my team is to plan, strategise and do our very, very best with everything we've got. It is God's job to deliver the win. This is Politics. Strange things happen when you least expect them to. You see, people say use your small money to help the youth but they miss the bigger picture. There have been many, many NGOs in this country. In fact I have even managed Development funds in this country in the past to support some of the vulnerable in our society - How much has changed? A large proportion of our citizens need major changes in their lives on a scale that can only be achieved at National Policy level not one-corner, one-corner solutions. So yes, an NGO may solve a few problems - but how about the millions of other youth not reachable by NGO funds - when do their lives change? How many NGOs do we need to set up for majority of citizens' lives to do better? So how about the taxes you all pay to be used to improve your lives that are ending up in the pockets of individuals?

Concluding the interview, the writer, International Development Expert, and Accountant by profession said his vision is to build a Ghana that works for all, not just a few; one driven by meritocracy, knowledge, equity and order. He added that his manifesto can be found here.

Interested donors can help fund his campaign through his gofundme page or Mobile Momo: 0555500333.

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