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File photo - Mr. Martin A.B.K Amidu was on Thursday, January 1st, 2017, named the first Special Prosecutor in-waiting by Pres. Akufo-Addo, subject to parliamentary approval.

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The appointment of Mr. Martin A.B.K Amidu as the first special prosecutor after the enactment of the law in this regard has been met with mixed feelings amongst the populace. Many, however, remain uncertain about the possible outcome of this new dice thrown into the melee of our public administration setup. I will attempt to paint a few scenarios here;

Mr. Amidu may decide to truly be a special prosecutor and take on cases and execute them on merit, substance and exigency. This doesn’t mean he will be left off the hook by our political and very rotten civil service.

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This implies that to succeed, his office cannot be populated by simply shuffling the same old bribe gorged Civil Servants circling around with vulture instincts in the system. He must be allowed, within the ambit of necessity, to compose a crack team of ethical and technically astute Patriots who will go out there, like Soldiers to war, and retrieve every dime misappropriated from the State; or any action or inaction which may result in such damages to the public interest.

Apart from doing a yeoman’s job, the OSP must craft, as a support system, a communication machinery which is not only lucid in its output and feedback, but also preemptive of all the anxieties that may create an imaginary bias in their activities in the minds of the masses. The road to hell they say is always paved with good intentions. The OSP may begin with brilliant work but poor communication may bury them beneath the pile of misconception faster than you can say “Woyome return your loot!”

While remaining optimistic, it is most probable the same crop of civil servants will be circulated like bad air into this Office of the Special Prosecutor. They will infest this new space with their politically jaundiced and self-seeking petty bribe taking habits. They will go out there blowing hot air of jumbled legalese and half-baked common sense; and in the process dissipate all the public confidence reposed in them even before they start. The meaning of this will be that a clear inconsistency will emerge in the operations of this office on political, parochial, apparent incompetence, or such other lines.

Different interest groups or persons will therefore begin to see their asses being gored by the OSP for no good reason, while the same office recklessly let loose the wild dogs of others, depending on where they stand in the social and political spectrum. In the end, the OSP, like all the other state agencies tasked with accountability, will become bastardized; and like the proverbial dog will be given a bad name and summarily hanged!

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