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But the problem goes beyond MPs. It is a creation of the constitution. Article 71 of the 1992 constitution isolates and elevates certain public office holders to a certain class and makes special provisions for their conditions of service. Some of these office holders are ...

End Disparities in Salaries and Other Conditions of Service in Public Service

Written By By Bubu Klinogo, - On Tuesday the 6th of July, 2021, Deputy Minister for Finance, Abena Osei Asare laid what is termed a Medium-Term Loan Agreement among the Government of Ghana, Members of the Eighth Parliament and the National Investment Bank Limited for an amount of Twenty-Eight Million Dollars to finance the Purchase of 275 Vehicles for MPs. The news of this loan agreement was received justifiably with utter indignation by a cross section of the public. It is mind boggling why government will have to go for a loan every four years to buy vehicles for members of parliament. It is even surprising that the MPs themselves consider it as a loan which they will pay back.

Following this move, new and highly skilled jobs have been created in the country. In line with this, 334 young graduates have been employed by the just established Ghana Automotive Industry.

Strategic Importance of Ghana’s Automotive Industry

When the government of Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo decided to set up and develop an automotive industry in the country, it came as a shock to many people because it was going to be difficult to realise such a vision seeing that in terms of technical skills, along practical lines, the country could not produce enough people for that sector. What people failed to realise was that the country has such technical personnel around and needed only a little push to let these skills be put into practical use to promote the automotive hub for Ghana. Having been able to establish this automotive industry, everyone has now realised that the President meant serious business when he came out with that vision.

This blame game to put it bluntly is needless when dozens of traders are in a state of shock as to how they will service the thousands and millions of loans they have taken from the banks to stock their stalls.

Ghana’s firefighting response

Written By Felix Cofie - Fire is said to be a good master but a bad servant. In Ghana, the number of destructions that has been caused by fire is enormous. Fire incidents have become a regular occurrence, with thousands of lives and millions of cash and properties lost every year. Hardly a day passes without news of a fire outbreak in some parts of Ghana, causing fear and panic among the people. This generates much discussion centering on rumors relating to politics, sabotage, misfortune, religious differences, and more. Most of these fires—whether domestic, industrial, institutional, commercial, vehicular, or bush—come with devastating consequences, including loss of lives and properties.

There is no doubt that the Act is a major ingredient in strengthening democracy, open governance, and sustainable development. It is also vital in the fight against corruption which has been the bane of Ghana’s development.

Implementation of the Right to Information Law Act 989

Written By Bubu Klinogo - After almost two decades of foot dragging, Parliament eventually passed the Right To Information Act 2019, ACT 989, which was assented to by President Akufo-Addo on May 21, 2019. However, the implementation of the law was delayed for one year, and coming into force in January 2020. In keeping with the requirements of Sections 64(3) and 77(4) of the Right to Information Act 2019 (ACT 989), the Minister for Information, Kojo Opong Nkrumah was in Parliament on Thursday, July 1, 2021, to make a statement on the implementation of the Act and also present to members, the Ministry of Information 2020 Annual Report on the implementation of RTI Act by public institutions, for the period January to December 2020, and the RTI Commission’s Report on same.

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