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As a result of all these negative tendencies, emphasis is placed on the use of negative spiritual and magical means of making money within a short time. What has become known as deceitful ways of making money, known as ‘sakawa’, ‘Sika gari’ and spiritual money has become the order of the day.

The need to restore value systems in Ghana

Countries build nationhood which ensures that each community is glued together to bring about unity, progress and development. Progress and development come about as a result of the value systems that are upheld strictly by the inhabitants in that society. What this means is that nationhood does not come by chance but depends on the collective effort of everyone. The value systems refer to the beliefs and practices of a people. Examples are honesty, diligence, hard work, support for each other, and truthfulness among others. It is these value systems that encourage people in different parts of the country to live together as one people, respecting each other and working hard towards the upliftment of society.

he upsurge in moral decadence and get rich quick attitude ought to be tackled with an-evangelical zeal. The issue of money doubling and rituals among other fraudulence deviance have been with us for some time now, ....

Role Of Media Regulators In The Wake Of Kasoa Murder

Written By Abraham Donkor - Sunday April 3, 2021 on the Christian calendar represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The news of the killing of an eleven-year-old boy Ishmael Mensah allegedly by his teenage friends Felix Nyarko 15, and Nicholas Kini 17 at Kasoa in the Central Region threw the nation into a state of shock. What is more curious is the ages of the victims and the alleged killers, the motive behind the murder, and the benefits to be accrued to the killers. The incident has indeed left a bile taste in the mouths of the family and the community. Preliminary investigations revealed that the two suspects after consulting a ritualist said to be in the Volta Region were asked to produce five thousand cedis, and a human being to be used for money ritual.

Many Ghanaians were not pleased with the school’s decision to admit the students even though the constitution demands that no person should be discriminated against. However, following the GES directive, ...

Admission of Two Rastafarians Into Achimota School

Written Written By Charles Neequaye - Article 17 (2) of the 1992 Constitution states that, ‘A person shall not be discriminated against on grounds of gender, race color, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status’. Under the same constitution, Article 26 (2) prohibits ‘all customary practices which dehumanize or are injurious to the physical and mental well-being of a person’. Indeed, the 1992 Constitution is an important tool for the protection and promotion of human rights. It enables Ghana to translate international agreements into domestic law, and obliges all branches of government to respect and ensure the rights it enunciates.

The Muslim leadership in Ghana must organise a round table of the two factions involved together with the Regional Security Council and National Peace Council to get them to form one united Imams body together with their Islamic scholars known as Ulemas.

Promoting peace between Muslims in Ho. Image credit - GNA

Written By Alhaji Alhassan Abdulai - Ho the Volta regional capital has been noted as a peaceful Metropolis. However, due to recent conflicts between two factions over who to lead Muslims in prayers following the death of the Imam of the main mosque, Ho seems to be gaining a bad name. Following the death of the substantive Chief Imam, Umoru Danjimah Hamzah, a faction of the congregants of the mosque Alhaji Muniru Ali, a maternal uncle of the deceased Imam as the new Chief Imam while Alhaji Anas Alfa the substantive deputy to the former Chief Imam was also subsequently installed by another faction as Imam of the same mosque. This resulted in a serious conflict leading to the closure of the mosque by the police on the orders of the Volta Regional Security Council.

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