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Privacy and security settings exist for a reason. Make good use of it. Learn how to use it to protect your information.

Written By Seli Baisie - Social media is an interactive platform used in sharing information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Ghanaians have fed on the so-called perfumed foreign rice to the extent that the consumption of locally produced rice is at an all-time low, even though it is very nutritious and healthier.

Rice farms at Wheta Irrigation Project

Written By Dominic Hlordzi - For decades, successive governments made efforts to make Ghana fully sufficient in food production.

All this goes to point out that we need to come together in peace, whether as political players, economic and social actors or even as religious people. If the contribution of ....

South Africans and foreign nationals wave the Ghana flag in Yeoville, outside Johannesburg, South Africa, Friday July 2, 2010. The African continent is rallying behind Ghana scheduled to play in the quarterfinal World Cup soccer match against Uruguay later in the day in Port Elizabeth. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

There is no doubt that every nation requires peace and unity to aspire towards development. No nation in the world, irrespective of the amount of natural resources at its disposal, can progress as fast as possible if the people in that nation do not come together in peace and unity to promote its development.

Healthy Life. Getty image

In view of the huge sums of money spent when we fall sick, it is always better to ensure that we take steps to remain healthy at all times. Staying healthy can be done in a simple manner without resorting to high expenditure at any point in time.

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