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Developments In The Textiles Industry

Written By By Justice Mingle - Moves by the Trade and Industry Ministry to enforce import restrictions on textiles into the country from September this year is heartwarming and couldn't have come at a better time.

Within the last 12 months one cannot say Ghana has witnessed any significant efforts towards curtailing this canker. Government needs to as a matter of priority,..

Major Mahama's Death; One Year On

Written By Oscar Kobla Bedzrah - Exactly a year ago, the heart of Ghana slept in pain, anguish and torment when the sad news echoed in the corners of the country about the gruesome murder of a great and promising soldier. He was allegedly mistaken for an armed robber on the 29th day of May, 2017 and cruelly sent to his ancestors by some callous residents of Denkyira Obuasi. He was said to be on an early morning jogging through the town from a military base. Major Mahama and his colleagues were charged by the State to help end illegal mining in the area. His death shocked the nation to the core. Many institutions and individuals such as the present and former Presidents, Chiefs, prominent members of society, Parliament, Civil Society Organizations and the Christian Council of Ghana had condemned the act, describing it as gruesome, barbaric, inhumane, cruel and evil.

Again, the AU would have to adopt an appropriate strategy to manage international co-operation in an era of globalisation and in a changing world order; it would need to come up with a relevant and practical...

AU Within The Context of Challenges Facing The African Continent

Written by Kofi Amponsah-Bediako - Having existed for years as a continental body, the African Union has not been able to achieve the continental unity it wishes to attain. When its predecessor, the OAU, was formed in 1963, little did its leaders anticipate the myriad of problems it was likely to face as a body. What was uppermost on their minds was the total and quick emancipation of African States that were still under the yoke of colonialism. Today, the problems facing the continent range from ethnic and cross border conflicts, refugee problems as well as pervasive hunger and starvation. Other problems are the scourge of AIDS and the incessant military incursion in governance. Hence, it came as no surprise when in 2002 the OAU was replaced by the African Union with a more focused goal of propelling African states towards peace and prosperity as the basis for achieving the ultimate goal of political and economic integration of its member states. A major challenge confronting the AU and its leaders is how to respond to the creation of jobs as well as livelihood aspirations of Africa’s youth who account for three-quarters of the continent’s labour force.

The Nation Builders Corps Programme Launched By President Akufo-Addo

Written By Dr. Kofi Amponsah-Bediako - One great challenge facing the world today is unemployment, particularly among the youth. According to the United Nations, most comprehensive global campaign, Decent Jobs for Youth Initiative, Africa’s unemployment statistics for the youth stands at about 12 million. In Europe and Central Asia also, about eight million youth are also unemployed. In Ghana, not less than one hundred thousand graduates come out of tertiary institutions every year for jobs, a crucial challenge that faces us as a nation. If unemployment, as a threat to national security, has been with us for years then we need to sit up as a people and be positively committed to addressing the issue, seeing that it has worsened in the recent past.

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