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The African-State, Tribalism and Prophecy

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We need to restore national equilibrium and proportionality through deliberate political engineering. It will never come by praying and fasting but by a conscientious will to do the right thing.

Africa was created by amalgamating previous rival tribal kingdoms into nation-states for Europe’s convenience.

So, from day one, the fault lines for tribal disharmony were there. This is what makes Africa unique. The task of managing this foundational problem was the responsibility of Africa's post-colonial leaders, but as the commentary is, this management has been a spectacular failure.

Another foundational problem was the totalitarian nature of colonial power. At independence, this total power was transferred to native Africans, thus, the foundation for dictatorship was laid. Instead of reforming the colonial state, the new leaders morphed it into neo-colonial states (Santa States) headed by Imperial Presidents. The cause of abuse of power in Africa was thus congenital.

Tribal manipulation is a most formidable way of creating and entrenching a Santa President. Regardless of economic and numeric strength, loyal tribes were grossly over-represented in government and opposition or perceived disloyal tribes were excluded. Obviously, this would evoke a reaction, especially if the excluded tribe is economically and numerically strong.

The effect of this reaction is the mobilization of tribal energies against a failing national system. The mechanisms the re-energised ethnicities put in place to protect themselves against one another, is what I call tribalism. The main mechanism of protection is block voting. Tribalism is therefore not the cause but rather the effect of poor governance and mal-distribution of political power. Understanding the root cause of our tribalized politics is the first step in its cure.

Tribalism is a creation of politicians. When people feel excluded or marginalized, they either fight back or withdraw and become inward looking. The latter is usually the case. That gives a wrong impression of acceptance of the status quo. What happens is the erection of a refugee camp called Tribalism. People go in there to escape from what they perceive to be a dangerous threat to their survival, solidarize and in a democracy, vote as a block. The evidence is profuse in Ghana.

Nobody leaves a refugee camp without a sense of better and fairer opportunities out there. We need to restore national equilibrium and proportionality through deliberate political engineering. It will never come by praying and fasting but by a conscientious will to do the right thing. Nation building is not a tea party. It requires a leadership that understands the psychology of the nation, and is able to formulate and implement policies to meet the aspirations of all.

We must understand that people are likely to shun a national agenda if they perceive that such an agenda is not in their interest. Nationalism is not about a national anthem and a flag. It is about national wealth collectively created and distributed. If this delicate equilibrium is disturbed, most will revert to the default state – tribal allegiance. Yugoslavia informs this tribal thing is human.

Neutralising tribalism in a multi-ethnic nation hinges on proactive leadership that is one step ahead of the pack. on successful nation building. Einstein said ‘’intelligent people solve problems, geniuses prevent them.’’ To minimize manipulation of tribalism by unscrupulous people for political gain is to provide equal opportunities for all groups.

Serious refurbishment of the constitution is the 1st step in nation-building. The State is too powerful, and the unitary state is the worst form of it. It takes power from everybody and puts it in one person, one party and in one place. That is the trouble with Ghana. An urgent and a revolutionary reform of the state to oust the unitary state and replace it with eco-fed is the way to redemption.

Building a political party is the same as nation building. Exclusion breeds ethno-factionalism. The Siamese twins have their twin world banks – Ashanti & Volta. Nana-led NPP has excluded Ashanti, and Mahama-inspired NDC has excluded Volta. Ashanti and Volta are now in the valley of decision contemplating their next move. They will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

THIS IS WHERE THE PROPHECY COMES IN. I wrote on 18/01/2011 in the original article.

‘’They have created and cornered themselves into two refugee camps they call their World Banks. We shall pull down the camps with the truth and set the people free. The people will know the truth and the truth shall set them free. Ashanti will be free, Volta will be free, and Ghana will be free.’’

‘’On that day, I’ll tell the Pharaohs of Ashanti and Volta, LET MY PEOPLE GO and they will listen.’’

That day is coming, and the truth is Father & Son – Afremocracy & Economic Federalism.

Tswa Omanye Aba!

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