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Samuel Ofosu Ampofo elected as NDC National Chairman

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This is no conspiracy theory. The NDC left the Left in Ghana very battered, splintered, and even more persecuted than the Right leaning entities; during their almost two decades at the helm of national politics.

True to less told history, Rawlings’s PNDC/NDC came in, either wittingly or unwittingly; to complete, gave roots to, and cemented the then fast spreading neoliberal economic policies into Ghana’s political and developmental agenda.

One of the key strategies for achieving this was a calculated and achieved effort of effectively extinguishing the Left. This was done by targeting, hounding and pushing the Leftist elements out of the political space; either into exile, their graves or into the belly of the NDC - wherever was convenient.

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Those who had the nerve to mount counter- insurgencies met a brutal fate, and the rest of their story is better left out, so as to spare you the unpleasant chills of early morning shivers running down your spine. Several others who had less conviction and spine acquiesced and were gleefully co-opted into the double-faced PNDC/NDC. This group enabled the NDC to develop its camouflage characteristics conveniently - thus enabling the party to chant people centered rhetoric openly, while plotting behind the scenes on how to share the spoils of coup among the highest bidders.

This is no conspiracy theory. The NDC left the Left in Ghana very battered, splintered, and even more persecuted than the Right leaning entities; during their almost two decades at the helm of national politics. Again, this is no conspiracy theory, there are living witnesses to these facts, and if only we can open our minds eyes and ears to what they’ve been saying all these while, we will be in no two minds as to the true nature and characteristics of the NDC. The gory realities can only be narrated more vividly by the likes of Zaya Yeebo, Explo Nani-Kofi, Akatapore, Chris Atim, Yao Enya Graham and others who were deep in the trenches.

Bringing the matter into the realms of our development realities, is it not confounding that a so called leftist party, relatively early in its administration, would flagrantly divest most National Assets- including factories, which a Right leaning party is rather struggling to re-build decades after? How does this math add up?

Well, the bottom line is that the PNDC/NDC practiced and continue to practice a mode of duplicitous and exploitative capitalism, which is more insidious and hurtful to Ghana than any sort witnessed in the history of our nation. It should therefore come as no surprise that the NDC struggles to identify meaningful social intervention programs it has under its belt all awhile; even as the NPP taunts them with a handful of their own. But the fact is, the NPP doesn’t need to do much, because as things stand, Ghana is ideologically and economically their monopoly, even as Chairman Rawlings is done with his hatchet job and is tacitly being welcome back home, where he truly belongs.

So the facts remain, that the PNDC, which is now NDC, just a few weeks into the so called “Revolution” only shaped the outlook and superficial trappings of a mass party, while in deed, carved out the juicy assets of Ghana to the highest bidder, while leaving the less interesting parts to fester; as the struggling masses they claim to serve struggle to subsist on the crumbs left thereof to rot. The effects are that we are into Galamsey, instead of owning mines, we are mainly employees in most strategic national ventures, instead of encouraging and supporting citizens to be equity partners; through supportive legislations and other such measures. This logically inverted economic model of owner being servant was invented and bequeathed Ghana by Chairman Rawlings and his Junta. Hence our plight as farmhands in the process of tilling our own land.

This actually is the material legacy of NDC and 4th republican Ghana; and not any vague mellifluous tales of heroics and patriotic empathy that we’re often importuned to believe. So until this new generation of NDC members recognize that the filing fee of GHC. 400,000 in the NDC isn’t an anomaly, but rather the party’s reality, until this generation recognizes that the foundation of the 4th republic and the matter of ascent to political office was founded on this idea of “auction economics”, which nurses and breeds nothing but corruption among the players and abject poverty within the masses, then we haven’t yet set off on our journey out of this unholy place.

Now the task behooves those who have inherited the NDC to retune the structure and body politic of the party, to take off the camouflage and recreate a party that is really true to its prophesed and confessed credentials. Otherwise their identity crisis will be at the core of their demise. Because, as the population matures, people begin to take a fundamental interest in what politics actually means; and will not associate with parties based on the simple matters of umbilical cords, party colors or nice sounding party songs.

Yet still I am hopeful. Because even though our thoughts and mind makes any such fundamental changes impracticable today, the good old departed, yet ever living, Waldo Emerson reminds us of this:

“And, last of all, high over thought, in the world of morals, Fate appears as vindicator, levelling the high, lifting the low, requiring justice in man, and always striking soon or late, when justice is not done. What is useful will last; what is hurtful will sink. “

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