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Ghana Must Wake Up And Face The Demon From The North

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It’s become more than speculation that we’re exposed to greater destabilizing threats from roundabout us; while Togo is still simmering from within, Cote D’Ivoire is still convalescing from ...

I have been meaning to write this for a while now. I don’t know why it keeps coming back to me, though I am intent on forgetting it. The matter is this:

I believe it’s crucial time now, after Ghana’s coup years, for the country to take the matter of security and territorial integrity most seriously. By this, I don’t mean the delinquent “hungry-lantes” who get paid a few Cedis to break bones here and there by political parties. This is not to say their cottage aggression cannot escalate into something worse. But the point is, we shouldn’t be nursing their nonsense with such ceremony when greater threats loom. Government must be immediately decisive and whip these bread seeking macho men in place, while it addresses more menacing, though less obvious security matters.

It’s become more than speculation that we’re exposed to greater destabilizing threats from roundabout us; while Togo is still simmering from within, Cote D’Ivoire is still convalescing from the Gbagbo-Ouatarra episode. The more menacing threat that looms however comes from up North. There’s a simmering civil war threatening to destroy the very fiber of Burkina Faso. Feeling insecure from the recent uprising, leaders from the Campaore camp, who’re still in power essentially, since the people only got rid of their titular head- Blaise, are descending heavily on a section of the youth with savage aggression. They’re currently waging a dastardly and murderous campaign against Youth from the tribe of Thomas Sankara, and others who seem to share in the ideal of a different Burkina Faso.

Burkina used to be a most tribally and religiously tolerant place; where Muslims and Christian intermarriages were common, and tribal acrimony was less obvious, despite the many tribes. But this has changed since the last uprising. There’s ostensibly an apprehension among the ruling elites that, inspired by the memory of Sankara, youth from his tribe (Moaga/Fulani) and others from his Silmi half (Mossi) faithful to his ideals will seek an effective and definitive overthrow of the System; even more decisive than before. Hence males as young as 14yrs and above are the targets of systemic murders by the ruling Mossi majority, cloaked in the gown of inter communal violence. They’re however wielding their iron fist in a velvet glove, building a monument in the memory of Sankara to beguile those they can, while wrecking untold violence on those they can’t.

Were it to be the threat of civil war alone in Burkina, Ghana shouldn’t be that apprehensive. But also, the continuous deterioration in the national cohesion of our Northern neighbours has created room for terrorist insurgents to up their activities in that country, descending from Mali up North. If they’re not contained, then their next destination is obvious. We certainly know that these insurgents don’t know local political allegiances. They kill for sport. So, the earlier we help tackle the challenge while it still remains up north, the better. If we cannot be brave to help our neighbours keep those insurgents at bay, well, we’d only have the Gulf of Guinea to embrace

With the situation in our neighbouring countries being so mercurial, I believe it’s time for us to be a strong belt of security. I hope our intelligence agencies are very much on top of developments going on around us; and government, led by the President himself, whips up much interest in ensuring that Togo and Burkina Faso are assisted to forestall any eventual outbreaks of protracted civil unrest or outright war; by deploying his Francophone diplomacy on all fronts. If we do not take keen interest in ensuring regional security and stability, while beefing up our border security beyond current standards, we may end up reaping a storm we never sowed in the first place.

I hope the powers that be will summarily address the burgeoning issues of thuggish behavior that’s threatening interior security; while at the same time not losing focus of the more menacing threats from without.

May God bless our homeland, and keep her great and strong.

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