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Cross Over Night - Principles vs. Prophecy,. Image credit - modernghana

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They received prophecies that their Banks will never close down as God was committed to ensuring that ...

A lot of the CEOs of Microfinance, Savings and Loans companies were big givers in their Churches, they were committed to their Churches, and some bought chairs, roofed churches, sowed seeds to their Pastors, bought Instruments for the ministry and so many more for the Church.

They received prophecies that their Banks will never close down as God was committed to ensuring that their purses which they blessed the Church with will never run dry. You and I are in town, we know they closed down.

Recently, I have discovered something very interesting, that Prayer, Seed Sowing; Prophecies etc. will never replace Timeless Principles. For example, no matter how much Seed you sow, or how anointed your Pastor is, your wife can NEVER get Pregnant except you have Sex with her to produce Sperm that will meet a prepared egg for fertilization to take place. You can’t prophesy a baby into being without Biological Processes.

No matter how much Faith you have, you can’t give birth 3 months after your Pregnancy, no, you must wait for the 9 Months for a Proper Baby. There are things God has set into Motion and they remain valid even for the Atheist.

The over-reliance on Religion and Spirituality may fortify you from Evil and Demonic Attacks, but it will not overturn the importance of Powerful Principles that the same God has put in place for which the Universe functions - such as Financial Principles.

As we cross over, especially for Business owners, please let us remember that, Prophecies, Anointing Oil, Prayer and Seed Sowing will never take the place of Due Diligence, Prudent Management, Corporate Governance, Financial Discipline, Smart Investing and Due Process.

It seems Financial Principles are Religion-agnostic! They work for all who apply them. On the other hand, they also fail to work for any religious person who refuses to apply them. If you see a Pastor who is Rich in Money, chances are, he is applying these principles even if he doesn’t teach it to his congregation.

In other words, if you do all the "gidigidi" in Church, and you do not personally educate yourself financially, your head will be smeared with oil every Prophetic Service, you will worship into goose bumps every Sunday morning, but we will be back here by end of 2020 and you still realise that, stilllllll cash no dey!

2020 stay woke!

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