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Broke instrumentalists in wealthy mega churches - An interesting irony. Image credit - Worship leader magazine

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However, some of the Churches… and refuse to give them anything with the explanation that they are working for God - this is sardonic and lugubrious.

The Logic that Instrumentalists are working for God and so don't deserve to be paid is a dysfunctional logic in a Modern World with Complex Socio-Economic Problems.

I am an Instrumentalist, but I don't need Church to pay me, I own my own Saxophone and play with joy as my Worship to God - I do not need to be paid because I have other income sources.

However, some of the Churches (especially the Mega Ones who can afford it without blinking) make a sweeping generalized assumption for all Instrumentalists and refuse to give them anything with the explanation that they are working for God - this is sardonic and lugubrious. When churches invite Don Moen they pay him, when they invite Elder Mireku they pay him, when they invite Sinach she is paid, when they invite their fellow Pastors for programmes, they sort them out in several rebranded names such as "Seed", "thank you package", "fuel money" etc.

Question: are the Invited guests all not also working for God? So why do they get rewarded physically and financially for coming to minister? Yet the committed Drummer or keyboardist who attends rehearsals upon rehearsals sometimes do not even have transport fare to get home, this is very worrying - and we still condemn them when they go and play "shabo shabo" at worldly events - man no go chop?

Another school of thought for which they justify their claim is that, once you pay instrumentalists then all other departments like Choir and Ushers will also have to be paid.

My answer to that is this; I think most Church Leaders do not fully understand the complexity and level of diligence and skill that is required to play an instrument. How can you compare us to Ushers? You do not require any special in-born talent to Usher, all you need is a short training, but for an Instrument - wow, you require serious level of Skill especially if you play in a top-notch modern Church, and the skill is not free or innate, it takes constant learning and practice which is alot of man-hours that needs to be rewarded!

Please Churches, pay Instrumentalists, it is sad to see your fellow instrumentalist asking you for "lorry fare" after Church service, and sometimes even asking you take them for Lunch, I mean; how? Someone has been playing for the same church for 8 years and he can’t boast of anything serious he has been rewarded with, he remains average, stranded, regularly broke and the only changes he sees around him is the church building looking better and nicer year by year stocked with new air conditioners, better cushion chairs, new equipment, advanced Pin Mics, latest speakers, beautiful altar and stage, etc. whilst the guy can barely change shoes and jackets.

Let us share some of the cake in the Lord's vineyard for the labourers in it, especially those who have no other means of sustainable livelihood, even if we have to pay a lead vocalist or in cases where possible; an usher, let us do it.

The Church these days pays too much attention to Projects and forgets the People's lives and needs.

Let us do better!


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