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Many people who have succeeded had a game changing moment in their lives although not all of them might publicly disclose or admit it like the ones I have shared.

In my study of Human History and my walk with God, I have found out that there are some major identified pathways of attaining greatness, chalking success and fulfilling purpose.

One of these ways is meeting your destiny helper. There are so many people in Scriptures for example whose greatness was brought to light and their story changed 360° after they had an encounter with someone they met; let me give you some examples to drive home my point:

David met Goliath and that was his turning point from being an ordinary Shepherd Boy into a valiant and well-celebrated Warrior! Joseph met Portiphar, Paul met Jesus, Elisha met Elijah, Abraham met Melchizedek, Saul met Samuel, Jacob met an Angel, Mephibosheth (King Saul's GrandSon) met King David, the man at the Beautiful Gate met Peter & John, Esther met the King, Jesus himself met Pilate, and so on and so forth.

This is not an experience limited to Scriptures only, even in our World today there are so many examples; talk to any truly very great person, and I can nearly guarantee you the person met someone.

Andrew Carnagie met John D Rockefeller, Bishop Oyedepo met Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland, Duncan Williams met Benson Idahosa, Abraham Attah met Idris Elba, 2Baba (formerly 2face) met Kennis Music, Susan Boyle met O'Neil and Simon Cowel of the famous British Got Talent.

Susan Boyle was born when her mother was 45 years old. She was raised thinking that she had been briefly deprived of oxygen during a difficult birth resulting in a learning disability. However, she was told in 2012–13 that she had been misdiagnosed and has Asperger syndrome with an IQ "above average". She says she was bullied as a child.

Boyle abandoned an audition for The X Factor because she believed people were being chosen for their looks. She almost abandoned her plan to enter Britain's Got Talent believing she was too old, but O'Neil persuaded her to audition nevertheless and when it mattered most, Simon Cowel offered to waive Boyle's contractual obligation to take part in the BGT tour.

And from there, a 59 year old Woman who had given up on a Music dream, suddenly emerged into Destiny and Greatness. As of 2013, she had sold over 19 million albums worldwide and received two Grammy Awards nominations - all because she encountered two people; her voice Coach O'Neil and Simon Cowell!

It seems to me that there is a day in our lives that is programmed by God for us to meet our Destiny helper.

Many people who have succeeded had a game changing moment in their lives although not all of them might publicly disclose or admit it like the ones I have shared.

Now, what are the strategies to adopt to meet these Destiny helpers?

It can come as Mentoring, or as an Investor, or as a Coach, or as a Parent, or as a Stranger or as anything and indeed anybody; in fact, sometimes the person God is using as your Destiny Shift might not even know it!

There are a few ways people collide with these kinds of destiny people in life.

1. Some people do not have to do anything to meet their Destiny moments. It is written in their Aion for it to happen without their effort, in fact without them even anticipating it, it is called Providence. Yes there are people like that.
An example is the Forbes Billionaire Oil Mogul called Femi Otedola. He just stumbled on it ooo. He just had a call, he met the person, the person said I want to help you start your dream business, and as you do it if you become diligent I will make you rich. The rest is History.

Obasanjo wanted to build a brand of a strong financial Sector that will travel to Nations, he called Jim Ovia and later Tony Elumelu. In case you don't know these folks, Jim Ovia owns Zenith Bank, Tony owns UBA. Jim is worth about close to $1Billion.

2. There is another group that needs to create what is called, "Cause and Effect" This group of people need to trigger it for it to happen, and some of the ways to trigger it is by Service! Serving can cause a transfer of Power, Wealth, Success etc. For example; Elisha contacted power and his entire Destiny changed just by Submitting to Elijah the Prophet.

Another example under this category, i.e. people who met Greatness by Service is Basket Mouth who served AliBaba, Alibaba passed the Baton of Comedy to him in Nigeria. AliBaba was serving Presidents and Governors’ events, he is arguably the richest and most successful Comedian in Nigeria. He founded comedy in Nigeria and respected a lot in the industry for that. Seyi Law was serving Basket Mouth too and used to wash his things and all that, Basket Mouth then trained him and gave him platforms, and the rest, they say, is History.

Guys, We can't run fast enough on our own strength. Destiny makers are like Rolls Royce Turbo-Engines that make you fly beyond your own Ability in such a graceful and powerful way.

3. The 3rd group of meet Destiny Changers is STRATEGIC POSITIONING. This one, it is your own approach of gambling and trying to meet people. It works sometimes and in a way that one cannot explain. Note that, we are not discussing how Character, Maturity, Wisdom, Leadership skills can help u maintain this Greatness. In this discussion, we are purely focusing on how to MEET YOUR DESTINY MAKER, not how to Sustain it. So the 3rd one is more arbitrary but intelligently coordinated. In other words you are not sure who or when or where, but you visit high profile places and travel for high profile Conferences, Seminars, Business Breakfasts, etc

Destiny helpers are game changers, there is probably one ahead of you, or perhaps you have even met him or her and didn’t realise it.

Watch all the people around you closely and pray that God will reveal your destiny helper to you, if you haven’t met the person yet, allow the Universe to lead you to him, how? By Meditation, by imagination, by Confession, by Belief, hold a strong belief in your mind that you will meet the destiny helper and create that mental picture for yourself regularly - this is definitely one guaranteed way to fuel your Soul in the direction of a search for that greatness.


Image credit - ARS