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When your future arrives

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This experience made me sad because most of them won’t be available when their future arrives. Life can become so challenging that the only path we follow is our circumstances. When we were ...

Written By Julius Mawuli Ziorklui - What does the future look like? Is it going to be as I have projected in mind? Considering all these uncertainties, is it even safe to have a projection in mind?

Many people settle for what life gives them because they are not able to reach their desired destinations. We all have concerns about the future and these are some of the questions we keep asking in our minds.

Some months ago, as I walked by a football field in my community, I saw a lot of young boys having soccer training, and instead of being glad, my heart was troubled. I felt very sorrowful for a lot of them because usually, people don’t become what they want to become.

This experience made me sad because most of them won’t be available when their future arrives. Life can become so challenging that the only path we follow is our circumstances.

When we were young, we wanted to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., I can bet that only a handful of people have become what they aspired to become.

What if our future arrives and we are not present? How is that even possible? I have seen way too many people miss out on their future for several reasons. The future we want to have will happen in a moment.

A moment of realization, a moment of insight, a moment that makes all the difference. So why do we miss out on our future? You are where you are today because when this future arrived, you are present to welcome it.

What if we could use the skills we already have to become better people or to achieve more than we have today?

The first observation I have made is that the future doesn’t often happen where we feel comfortable. Sometimes it takes very long hours of patiently waiting for our future to happen before it does.

On some occasions, you must do things that are very uncomfortable before your future happens. Comfort can blind us to the wonderful opportunities around us. Comfort breeds complacency which in turn breeds lethargy.

It is said that life begins at the end of our comfort zones and it’s very true. All you sometimes need from a book is just a statement that will change your life. But you’d have to read the whole book because you wouldn’t know where that phrase or statement is.

The second observation I have made is that often people are inattentive and miss out when their future arrives. There is a key to your future and for you to get that key, you need to pay attention.
When we don’t understand some things in life, it is because we are probably not paying attention to what we are supposed to.

People have failed in relationships, business, and even in school because they failed to pay attention to the most important things.

All the experiences we have are not relevant to our future therefore, not paying attention to the most important experiences can be very detrimental.

I read a piece last week and it emphasized the importance of being able to recognise the changes you need to make before the need comes for you to make them. I summarized it as change in prospect or prospective change.

One of the most important skills to learn in life is the skill of prospection. And this art is embedded in our ability to recognise. Our future always lies before us.
The success of people is communicative enough to make you want to make some alterations.

The failures of people also communicate volumes to trigger some changes in your life. That is when your future arrives. That is the breakthrough we all need.

The big issue is our ability to recognise these happenings around us. Everything that has happened in the past is supposed to be our example but our ability to recognise and use history to our advantage is the challenge.

Many people lose out on opportunities because they do not recognise it. History is not the only recognition we need. We need to recognise the opportunities around us; that is when our future arrives.

Opportunities to become successful come in ways we least expect. Because great things do not always come in great packages, when you look, make sure you look well.

The future is in a moment. Success over the years has been demystified and we know that it is attainable by doing what others have done.

You don’t need to be a superhuman to be successful in the future. All you need is to be present when your future arrives.

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