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Written By Godwin Martey - Chastise him, insult him, doubt his calling, hate him, despise him, whatever you like - do to him, but one thing is clear and that is what I love about him: Obinim is FULLY PERSUADED ABOUT WHAT HE BELIEVES.

He is in a perpetuity of conviction and irrevocably opinionated about whoever (or is it whatever?) he says he believes called him. He exudes bravado about it, he is not discouraged by what you and I think of him, people like that succeed - most of the time.

Unlike some people; they are bothered by every slightest disapproval they get from others. Once someone says distasteful things or openly opines their displeasure about them, then they get worried and down-spirited.

Scarcely has any human being alive ever achieved anything worthy of ovation if he can be spasmodically oscillated between his credos and his critics' diverse opinions!

Obinim does the opposite, he briskly refabricates criticisms to his advantage, creates media hypes, draws attention to his brand, strategically harnesses controversies to his favour instead of being weakened, terrified and chickened out like a disarmed sissy.

Now, even if you don't like him, why don't you learn a thing or two from him? Isn't that what wise people do? They learn even from their enemies!

Now this is getting too long, I will release a part 2 of this and tell you the direct correlation between him and General Mosquito, but a quick clue to keep you thinking, how did he acquire that name?

Don't just dislike people, learn from their strengths!




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