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Paul Amaning

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Written By Paul Amaning - Ghanaians are blessed with people who are bold to take decisions to combine resources together for a living. I had the opportunity to visit South Africa in June of last year to meet young business people in that country. In Johannesburg there are lots of opportunities that young guys can take advantage of, more than in Ghana.

The problem however is most young guys cannot even see what is available to turn their fortunes around. South Africa has the infrastructure, power, market, education and good leadership etc. to drive their economy. Comparably, Ghana has not got 20% of what South Africa has in terms of the listed items but Ghanaians are blessed with high entrepreneurs. Ghanaians have people like Dr. Paa Kwasi Nduom of GROUP NDUOM, DR. OSEI KWAME DESPITE. (DESPITE GROUP OF COMPANIES) Ibrahim of Engineers and planners etc. Ghanaians have the mindset to put together resources to make a living. We have the able minded people all over the country to drive our resources. My question is what is preventing the growth of our business? I believe Ghanaians are not ready to take up the opportunities around us. Below, I share with you some of the reasons;

1. Business ideas

Business ideas are just imaginary things that makes us feel good to be the likes of big business guys around us. Most of us try to implement such ideas without planning. How many of us write our ideas out in a diary etc.? Every business Guy need to have a workable plan. Most important aspect of our plan is the numbers. Sustainability is all about growing your business numbers, making sure it stands the test of time. Ghanaians love to write lengthy plans with or without financial details. How do you intend to measure growth? Are you going to use assumptions in realities? We need to be serious in our planning. For example Most Finance companies are collapsing because it was not planned.

2. Good team to drive the idea

Business comes with processes and every process need someone to ensure it works efficiently. Ghanaian business teams must work selflessly to attain the dream of the business. Ghanaian businesses are most of the time self-centered. The business is perceived to be for someone so if the person is not there managers don't do what they are assigned to do. Why do you call yourself a manager? Managers have power to implement the decision of the board. This is to make sure with or without the owner businesses survive. Most managers in Ghana want owners to come and tell them what to do at the workplace. Ask yourself what are you managing? Do you need owners to instruct you to do right thing, certainly not! Most of our companies don't even have a team. They only work when owners are around. What kind of business are we building?

3. Implementation of our plan

This is most important aspect of business. Business plans must be time bonded. Most Ghanaian business plans are executed anyhow. This is because the plan did not put in place a work schedule. Go to most Ghanaian owned businesses and you will realise people are working with or without time. The place is full of noise and gossip because they are not assigned work with time.

4. Reporting

What are you reporting about? Workers are to report to their supervisors what they have done and not able to do. Most workers finish duty without even signing their time book. They see it as more work than the main job they are doing. Supervisors, most of the time have to draw workers attention to this simple exercise. Ghanaian workers see themselves as masters of their own field even when employed by someone. We cannot grow businesses in such environment. Managers are obliged to report their financial details and work schedule to their big boss to ensure check and balances for growth.

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