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Yehowah! Bawumia! I had never listened to his lecture, I stumbled on him today, I think the gentleman has some difficult-to-refute facts, I love his style of delivery, it sounded all-round with many loopholes blocked. I also think the lecture was too long, although it didn't feel like it was, maybe because he made some good sense, but next time, a shorter version will help.

Having said that, usually, everything works well and runs well when you are in opposition, opposition usually always looks more attractive and of course, that is why they usually win power over the incumbency. Being in Government is where your true strength is tested. Case in point, Buhari and Jonathan, obviously, Buhari became more attractive than Jonathan and that is why he won, but clearly, Buhari by now has realised that making promises on campaign platforms and actual implementation are poles apart. Leading Nigeria is not a walk in the park - he may eventually do well, but my point is, by now he has realised he perhaps underestimated the complexity of the clog that had stuck up in the wheel of Nigeria's economic progress.

I love JM as a person, I can't explain why, I don't even know why, but I just do. I really do, I think he has some grace that seems to be working for him even when it appears he doesn't deserve something or doesn't qualify for it, he somehow gets it.

However, his person is different from his team and his party, Bawumia blew my mind today and if NDC doesn't quickly pull a very strong defence, Bawumia's lecture has a very lethal penetration into the minds of any floating voter whose ballot cast is purely based on issues. But NPP should be quick to remember that the village women know next to nothing about GDP, Inflation, Capital expenditure, Cedi Depreciation, IMF report, etc. Gathering data and analysing the facts is a brilliant thing, winning an election is another totally different Science.

Sometimes you can have the wisdom to analyse a problem, and yet lack the skill to win the seat that will give you the power and privilege to implement the solutions you have for the problems you've rightly analysed.

I love both parties, they both have their strengths and weaknesses, December 7 will decide whether NDC will be given the nod to continue or they will be shown the exit door and give NPP the nod to come and put in practice what they have beautifully said in an air-conditioned lecture theatre hall.


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