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Mr. Mustapha Hamid, Information Minister.

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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be remembered for one thing: being unapologetically Christian. I remember the copious biblical references in his acceptance speech at his residence on victory night. Even his first budget was a veiled promise to feed 27 million Ghanaians with “five loaves and two fishes.”

If I have a prayer, it is that our President will walk his Christian talk.

About his presidency, I can say, so far, so good. Particularly brilliant is the mini-Meet the Press at the Flagstaff House. Even though I personally am still not convinced that we need three deputy Information ministers, I think that that press briefing was the work of a public relations (PR) guru. If for nothing at all, it succeeded in putting assurances in the hearts of Ghanaians that the President was in control – without trying to be clever with veiled insulting words.

I hope Mr Mustapha Hamid is learning. Joy FM are not infallible: they sin – journalistic sins – but they are arguably one of only three credible and reliable English language FM stations in the country. In that interview Mr Hamid granted this station on the issue of the number of President Akufo-Addo’s ministers, he floored himself, betraying a man who was temperamentally not ready to handle tough questioning – like President Mahama’s first deputy minister of Information. Too aggressive. Too eager to show that the press is mistaken.

Relax, Mr Hamid, relax. You can take a leaf from the calm, assuring demeanour of Alhaji Gomdah when he was interviewed on the issue of a National Cathedral. Here was a communication person in total control.

My ‘beef’ this week concerns the association of all our Presidents with men of God. It will bear remind the current President as follows:

Number One: No prophet can change the outcome of an election, ahead of polling. A true Christian prophet can only tell the mind of God concerning the poll.

Number Two: No amount of prayer at the presidency by one million prophets or pastors can save a regime which is steeped in or built upon a foundation of corruption, deceit, greed, manipulation and lies.

Number Three: The mere presence of a prophet around the President’s dwelling cannot prevent an accident or natural death. That is why we must say no to any President burdening the public purse with between US$6,000.00 and US$10,000.00 Business Class ticket per trip per person to fly one prophet around the world to be in the constant presence of a President. There is no distance in the spirit realm. Besides, a President who will die will die, no matter how close a prophet is by his side! A President who has performed poorly will lose an election if God says so.

Pastor Mensa Otabil said in one of his sermons on Joy FM that he believed in the role of prophecy and prophets; in fact, he has prophets in his church, but he is not interested in knowing what will happen to him tomorrow to the point where he has to desperately seek out a prophet. He says as long as he lives a good life, governs himself well, instructs himself by the Word of God, removes deceit from his life and loves God and his neighbour, he does not see why he needs to know what is in store for him tomorrow, especially when the God he serves has promised him that the plans He (God) has for him are for good and not for evil.

Since when did men of God rise above ordinary Ghanaians to deserve being picked by chauffeur-driven limousines right from the tarmac, on their arrival from trips overseas? Extending this particular courtesy to the likes of Cardinal Turkson is understandable. By virtue of his international stature, he enjoys diplomatic status – conferred on him officially and openly to the hearing of everybody by a President of Ghana.

What do pastors and prophets need at the VIP lounge of the Kotoka Airport?

These going-on did not start in 2017, but I have recently heard that some of the pastors/prophets are making their way to the presidency, ostensibly to pray. I can assure President Akufo-Addo that the majority of them will be there for what they hope to get in return – favours. For some, it is only so that they can, in their sermons or in conversations, make “unintended” references to “the other day when I was with the President...” etc.

At a time like this in human history when souls are perishing, their concern is not how to train the congregation to win souls for God; their whole mind is on how to look important in society. Some of them drive around with police outriders blaring siren ahead to make way for them!!!

Someone, please, tell Nana Addo. If he or his party will be re-elected, it will not be because a prophet prayed. It will be because he and his party gave every district a factory, every constituency US$1 million a year, made qualitative senior high school free and invested scarce resources into scientific research.

There are many perishing souls out there who need a rescue; too many for pastors and prophets and evangelists to afford the race for recognition by earthly authorities!   



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