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File image - Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy - Photo - K. Awuku

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Two guys in the United States, one married a Lawyer (Michelle), another married a Model (Melania), they both became US Presidents.

Two guys in Ghana, both musicians, one married an Entertainer, the other is getting married to a Doctor. Bam! Now, we are profiling one as more fulfilled and more decent than the other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, marriage has no straight-jacket permutation and combination working formulae, everyone makes choices that they believe will aid their purpose in life and get them to their destination safely. There is no assurance that marrying a Doctor as a musician is fail-proof, neither does it in anyway suggest you are of more value and pedigree than the one who married a dancer.

One of the biggest challenges of both orthodox and modern Christianity is STEREOTYPES! The propensity to be pre-judicial towards an individual based on our sickening stereotypical, miseducated and misaligned mentality about who we deemed decent and who is not.

Take for instance, a guy or lady with a tattoo is automatically suspected to be a bad person, and that is the reason many supposedly well dressed and well-polished decent individuals are in the recent times beginning to prove as the most wicked, deceptive, corrupt perverts the world has ever seen. In order words, you could find a clean, decent, well-dressed engineer who is a pervert, rapist, porn addict and a dupe, yet he is most likely to be perceived as decent compared to a dude with a durag!

Yesterday I was listening to Davido's track (fall) in my car, I loved the beats and synchopations, picked up a friend and the first thing he said when he sat in my car is, "Eiii, BigGodwin, you also listen to these kind of tracks?", my next reply was, "Should I play you Runtown, Omo Alhaji, Hold up, or Afua's my mind dey?"Whilst he was still in his startled state, I continued, "What is wrong with listening to some good tunes from Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, R. Kelly, Steve Wonder, and co, or we mean they have never written any lyric that makes sense and have good content one can enjoy? Are they insulting Jesus or denying me of my fellowship with the Holy Spirit? I figured he had recovered and had quickly understood me. We both laughed over it and changed subjects - of course whilst my Davido was still playing. I am not a hypocrite! I am NOT religious!

Now back to the substance of my message. Stonebouy chose a medical doctor - fantastic and I am happy for him. What I find worrying is the increasing entropy levels of the stereotypical argument about how that choice is held more supreme to Shatta Wale's choice. Please what is the marking scheme?

That a brilliantly trained doctor is an angel and automatically a good wife that makes a better home, and an Entertainer is the opposite? Or that a Doctor is likely to be richer and more financially powerful than an Entertainer? PLEASE THIS SOUNDS TOO UNINTELLIGENT AND OVERSIMPLIFIED.

Dancing is an Art, Art is not immoral, Art is not a Sin, Showbiz is not illegal, not immoral and not a Sin, life will be boring without these variety. If my Daughter decides to be a Model, a DJ, or anything she finds her innate abilities in, I will completely support her and give her all the resources and encouragement. This is the same way many have claimed that the Movie Industry is so pervert that all actresses' marriages don't last. The truth is that, all kinds of couples in all kinds of professions are heading towards divorce courts daily, the actresses own make headlines because they are supposedly "stars" and are in our faces daily - that's the only sane reason it appears more rampant. In the same industry we have had people like Omotola and Joke Silva who have been happily married for decades!

If Michy is the kind of woman that will help Shatta Wale fulfil his potential in life and achieve greatness, what is wrong with that? Do men marry wives that have clean brilliant degrees or they marry wives that complement their callings and fit into their purpose?

Your life is your ship and you are the sailor. If you allow ignorant cabin crews to misdirect your navigation and you hit an iceberg, it’s your fault! If your ship wrecks because of stereotypes and what people say out there, it's your fault. Make a choice that will take you home safely and joyfully.




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