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Ahead of our stage play, #Tribeless, I shared these utterly essential tips with my team and we thought it’s worth sharing as you may also find it useful:

1. Never forget to add a brief information to any image/video you share. No one may download it.

2. Be mindful of the times you share content on social media, especially, WhatsApp. You become a nuisance if you send too many stuff! Don't send pieces too early or too late. If, for instance, you've three different items to share, you can share them at a 6 hour interval. Facebook, Twitter and IG do have peak periods when stuff you share may have the maximum reach. Such peak times include early morning like 7am, mid-afternoon between 12-2pm or evening between 6-8pm.

3. Don't use shorthand when adding a brief to a content you've shared.

4. The brief you add to content you share must be exciting. People are curious. The more excitement/suspense there is in your brief, the more they would dare to download!

5. Don't unnecessarily tag people on Facebook unless whatever you're saying concerns them!

6. Don't use too long hashtags. They're not only boring but hard to discern, too!

7. As much as you can, don't send the same content repeatedly to the same person/target group. You may just be blocked soon. Be creative enough!

8. Every social media platform has a specific content it favors. Facebook is for both images and long talk. On Twitter, always be brief. IG is largely pictures and brevity of speech. Take note!

9. When adding a brief to a video or image you're sharing, let it be concise. No long talk. Just a line or two. That's why it's called a brief!

9. If you can say something better as/with an image, don't say it without it!

10. Don't forget specificity in your hashtags. For instance, use #Sept16, 17 to make audience know exactly when the date is.




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