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Mawuko Afadzinu bemoans the crippling effect of Covid-19 on GTA finances

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He added that the federation is funded from corporate sources and revenue streams they generate.

The President of the Ghana Table Tennis Association, Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu, has bemoaned the debilitating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the association's finances.

According to Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu, the federation is largely dependent on others for its finances.

He added that the federation is funded from corporate sources and revenue streams they generate.

He stated that due to the challenges confronting the country, they try to have their own sustainable system of generating cash flow for the running of the association at pre-pandemic levels.

According to him, the reason behind it was that everything was going to be the same.

He revealed that recent promising leads with corporate bodies for sponsorship within the airline industry have been affected by the pandemic, which has had a huge financial toll on the hospitality and airline industries. He noted that this has forced them to put the brakes on a pending bumper deal with an international airline.

He added that without a steady flow of cash into the association, the association is feeling the financial pinch, as administrative costs etc. still have to be borne.

Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu said they remain optimistic despite the recent state of affairs and that they are looking at practical approaches towards recovery, rather than giving up. He added that he believes the association will come out stronger at the end.

Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu made the above revelations when he spoke concurrently to Benjamin Willie Graham on GTV Sports+ and Ohene Bampoe-Brenya on Happy FM.

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