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Finance Minister, Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta.

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How could one be made to pay between 150-300% of the value he purchased a car for abroad with embedded tax components like NHIL, EXIM, and other dubious levies?

Dear Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta,  

I'm an NPP sympathizer. I voted for the party because I believed the party sincerely meant a #CHANGE of direction and cared enough about the plight of Ghanaians.

A year ago in your proposed budget to Parliament in which you delivered a ‘Malcolm X’ style liberation speech in respect to how you were determined to give Ghanaians some tax respite, it actually sent a positive vibe to the business community and especially #HOPE for young entrepreneurs.

Today, not much has changed. Truthfully, I'm not sure if ordinary Ghanaian citizens would smile or frown if you're seen on TV making promises of measures your government intend taking to ensure Ghana remain on course to industrialise the economy?

Sir, how do we industrialise an economy when we don't have an enabling business environment pushing local businesses to export their expertise elsewhere they're far more appreciated and listened to?

Please speak to Bright Simons, if you doubt this.

How could one be made to pay between 150-300% of the value he purchased a car for abroad with embedded tax components like NHIL, EXIM, and other dubious levies?

One has to pay close to GHs 3,000.00 alone for NHIL, yet our NHIS is failing miserably? GHs 300.00 for a 3 minute vehicle details checked on the internet in the name of NETWORK CHARGES?

A 2 minute visual inspection of a vehicle for GHs909.58 in the name of Exam fees, and many, many more questionable taxes? Surely THIS CAN'T CONTINUE!!

This country has been ranked 21st on the WORLD MOST EXPENSIVE list of countries to live in. I'm not sure if you're aware of this latest assessment, Sir but kindly Google it. Certainly, this can't be a good indicator for a smart foreign investor.

No serious nation that is keen on development leaves its manufacturers and young entrepreneurs so vulnerable.

Taxes for manufacturing equipment should enjoy tax exemptions. Goods we can't produce here should have minimal import duties levied against them and increase taxes of goods manufactured here if truly we should be buying "made-in-Ghana" goods.

I'm sure you know of many innovative ways we can widen the tax net, rather than focusing on a lazier option of deepening taxes where they are easier to collect, typically, Import duties and petroleum products.

I'm sure your fellow ministers wouldn't be smiling the way they do if they were paying even just 100% taxes on their V8s. Ghanaians are suffering, Sir.

Please read the comments below.

Thank you,

"We should be making this a great deal in public advocacy. You make compelling points for a change in this tax/duty regime" --- Samson Anyenini

"At long last people are realizing this, Bossman it's crazy. Cars in Ghana is like 200% more than same in Sierra Leone and as for the duties please forget it. I have paid more than $6000 for 2009 Nissan Murana while the taxes for same is less than $1000 in Liberia. I have had offers for cheap cars but I tell people that the taxes I will pay in Ghana will be more than the cost of the vehicle.This country is sick and where does all the funds go?" --- Yaw Ohene

"I am paying 5300 for a battery cage that will house 600 birds and few Accessories I bought from China. It is everywhere." --- JJ Mawuli Dogbo

"I paid 32,000gh for a saloon 2008 Bmw Car" --- Agyemang Luis Bruce Pulls

"Funny enough.... Kantanka cars pays duty too" --- Alb Ert

"I paid $4000 as duty for a Golf I bought for $2000" --- Tito Kingsley Ampiah

"The cost of purchase and shipping of my car totalled some GHS 20,500. duty and other handling charges however totalled some GHS 22,500! very annoying but funny" --- Mutala Zakari

"It spent 25,000 € on a truck , paid 15,000€ as duty and ended up selling it at 60,000 Gh.so at the end of the day the govt gained and I become the loser.so the citizens are losing and the govt is always gaining.that is the situation at hand, the govt is stealing from its citizens thru taxing.

Ken let the media take it up cos its killing the citizens" --- James Arthur

"Its absurd. I learned that import of scaffoldings into USA incurrs a mere 3% duty and fees - a nation where these items are also made. In Ghana you are going to pay 15-20% - a developing nation at that. Where is the mind" --- Henry Laryea Mensah

I bought a size of cassava fish in Tdi for ghs7 and I have bought the same size in kumasi as 3cedis and I'm pretty sure it will cost worse in Tema --- Afari Erasmus

"I was wondering why cars appreciate in Ghana rather than following the depreciation formulae globally. One can buy a used Mercedes in the UK for 3000 to 10000 pounds. Bring it here and the same thing is being sold for 150000GhCedis. I mean how" --- Ebenezer Quartey

"This is why I will rather buy a Katanka than import a vehicle. It's ridiculous" --- Ekuonana K B Omane

"A complete rip off! And if for some reason can't afford to pay for the duty, the car is auctioned off to some government appointee for GHS1000" --- Kwame Boadi Kissi

"I'm all for demo. If we could organise this very well, we could put them on their toes. Maybe, in the sense of putting party colours aside, we should wear party T-shirts, NPP, NDC, PPP and all the others. In this way, they cannot play the stupid blame games they've been doing. And if they take it for granted let's us as a nation put a smaller party in power. Then they'll know we are not fools. Demo all the way" --- Dorcas Asare

Mark Kofi sums it all up;

"Ghana is one of the #weirdest places to live on earth. Apart from autos, the other expensive lifestyle things are:

  1. Food - (esp. groceries)
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter - (our homes...hmm)

Elsewhere, esp UK, US, Canada, China, Japan, they have conquered all these life's nightmares. As though they earn almost 10times the average Ghanaian, the current prices of these goods are most times half of what we pay here.

Why are we doing this to ourselves!!

Our #poverty comes directly from our pricing of retail goods"

Post and attached comments large posted ‘As is’


Post originally written and shared by Kenny Senaya on Facebook.

 - Kenny Senaya

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